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5 Shows You Won’t Feel Guilty Binge-Watching

5 Shows You Won’t Feel Guilty Binge-Watching

As a college student, you’re torn between watching more TV and being productive. Why not make the most of both? These shows will make you want more, but in a good way. Here are 5 shows you won’t feel guilty binge-watching!

1. Limitless.

Where to watch: Netflix.

This spin off from the movie is a great way to both get a laugh and challenge your brain to a little crime-solving. And Bradley Cooper makes a few appearances, of course.


2. Supernatural.

Where to watch: sometimes Hulu or CW online.

If you really like ghosts, monsters and everything in between, but don’t want to feel completely horrified, dig into this series. There’s enough story arcs for everyone.



3. Freaks and Geeks.

Where to watch: Netflix.


This cult-classic style sitcom features the likes of James Franco, Seth Rogen, Jason Siegel and Linda Cardellini, and has that lighthearted coming-of-age vibe we all hate to love.

4. Parts Unknown.

Where to watch: CNN or online.

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Get educated on food and culture as Anthony Bourdain ventures to different places and tells it like it is. This is a shorter addition to his previous series, No Reservations.


5. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Where to watch: Hulu, HBO or live every night on NBC.

This is a given, but Jimmy Fallon takes his comedic spin on pop culture and current events to a new level. He also interviews at least two stars each show, using games and table talks to bring out a side of them you don’t usually see.

Which shows are on your binge-watch list? Leave a comment!
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