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10 Shows You Should Watch On Hulu Right Now

10 Shows You Should Watch On Hulu Right Now

10 Shows You Should Watch On Hulu Right Now

Hulu offers a wide range of movies, television shows and documentaries for college students to enjoy. Whatever you might be in to; comedies, action films, scary movies, sitcoms, cartoons or drama shows, Hulu gives you all sorts of genres to satisfy your wants and needs. Hulu, like Netflix, also offers their own original shows for you to experiment with.

With hundreds of movies and hundreds more shows at your disposal, Hulu gives you hours upon hours of binge watching material for those cozy weekends, but the struggle to find your next show to hop to after a long binge can be real. If you’re a veteran looking for your next show to binge, or if you’re a new subscriber exploring the library for the first time, here are 10 shows on Hulu that you should start watching right now!

1. Hillary

If you have any interest in politics or political figures, this documentary will give you a new perspective on behind the scenes looks at a presidential campaign and the life of a long time politician.

Hillary Clinton, wife of former US President Bill Clinton, sits down and tells all about her life growing up, her education at Yale, her time as a lawyer and up through the experiences of being a political figure as the first lady and eventually a presidential candidate in her own right.

A handful of other figures, including former classmates of Hillary and Bill Clinton himself, speak on the impact she during her career as an American politician and feminist.

Everybody has their own opinion on Hillary Clinton, but hardly any really know exactly who she is. This documentary is very insightful in finally getting to know the former first lady of the United States, and is one of the shows on Hulu to look into.

2. Power

50 Cent puts forth a really intricate TV series with this production.

Power is an intense drama series set in New York City about a drug lord who goes by the name “Ghost” who tries to get away from drug dealing life to focus on his ownership of a major nightclub, but is in too deep and is too key a figure to walk away.

The show closely follows Ghost’s life of trying to balance his power as a kingpin while managing his nightclub, the struggles of his crumbling marriage and the effects on the family, and his drug dealing partner and long time friend Tommy. Power has everything you want in a drama; sex, drugs, violence, and a healthy amount of swearing.

This show has many layers to it, and is one of the shows on Hulu that will have you hooked from the first episode!

10 Shows You Should Watch On Hulu Right Now

3. Marvel’s Runaways

We travel from the east coast over to the west.

Another one of the original shows on Hulu, Marvel’s Runaways is a series that is based off of a popular Marvel comic book. Now, most teens may get to a point where they view their parents as “evil” for not letting them do what they want, but in this show, six Los Angeles teens discover that their parents are legitimately evil.

This group of high schoolers, each with their own background, join forces to take down their own parents’, who are all in an underground criminal group, and their evil plots.

Could you imagine your parents as master villains?

4. Rick & Morty

Aliens. Mutants. An alcoholic scientist uncle traveling time and space with his teenage nephew. All sorts of fun await you!

One of the more comical animated shows found on Hulu, Rick & Morty is simply a show with the aforementioned alcoholic uncle, Rick, going on adventures across several different dimensions with his always anxious nephew, Morty.

Each episode is a wild journey that will laughing until your stomach hurts. This is one of the shows on Hulu that is worth a watch, for sure!

10 Shows You Should Watch On Hulu Right Now

5. The Masked Signer

A show that is quickly gaining major popularity across the country is available (and highly recommended) on Hulu right now!

Oh yes, The Masked Signer, hosted by Nick Cannon, is one of the shows on Hulu that you have to watch if you haven’t seen the show on TV before. This show is a singing contest between masked celebrities in costumes who perform in front of a judging panel of celebrities that try to guess the identity of the signers as well as a live audience. The masked signer voted off at the end of the show is forced to reveal the identity to the crowd!

This show is an entertaining, suspenseful guessing game that will grab your full attention! Can you guess the masked signer before the big reveal? Watch this show to find out!

6. PEN15

Pretty interesting name for a show, wouldn’t you say?

PEN15 is another comedic TV series about two adults going back to middle school to play 13-year-old versions of themselves smack dab in the middle of a middle school surrounded by real middle school students in the year 2000.

Two women playing middle school students with braces surrounded by real young teenagers equals a short Hulu series with a lot of intrigue!

7. Grey’s Anatomy

If you haven’t had the chance to start your Grey’s binge, the time is now!

This is a classic mid-2000s TV drama that finds its way to Hulu and should find its way onto your TV screen, too. Grey’s Anatomy is a show about a hospital that deals with life-or-death situations with patients in seemingly every episode. The show closely follows the surgeons and the stresses they face as well as friendships built and love found along the grueling journey.

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If you love being on the edge of your seat, this is one of the shows on Hulu that will put you there. Press play on Grey’s Anatomy!

10 Shows You Should Watch On Hulu Right Now

8. Little Monsters

This movie is only a “little” scary.

Little Monsters is a Hulu original “horror” film about an old musician named Dave going through a rough breakup teaming up with his nephew Felix’s kindergarten teacher, Ms. Caroline, to fend off a horde of zombies that ambush during a class field trip to a farm.

This movie is labeled as a horror movie, and it does offer some thrills, but it does offer some laughs as well as some suspense. Can Dave, Ms. Caroline and the class make it off the farm alive? Check out Little Monsters to find out!

9. Wu-Tang: An American Saga

Any hip-hop fans in the house?

This Hulu original series highlights true stories of the lives and rise to fame of one of rap’s most notorious groups, the Wu-Tang Clan. This show is set in the early 1990s and gives you a real look at the street life through the perspective of Wu-Tang members, shows how the hip-hop clan was formed, and how its members battled through crime riddled lives to produce chart topping music and become icons to the rap genre.

If you’re an old school hip-hop fan who’s looking for shows on Hulu that keep it real, Wu-Tang: An American Saga should be your next binge!

10. A Madea Family Funeral

You’d never think there could be so many laughs during such a hard time until you see this Tyler Perry gem.

The last show/movie on the list is the last movie of the series of Tyler Perry’s Madea series, and fittingly enough, it all ends at a funeral.

This movie is full of laughs, drama, and topped with more laughs that will have you laughing until you’re out of breath. Tyler Perry’s final act as Madea is one of the funniest shows on Hulu right now!

10 Shows You Should Watch On Hulu Right Now

There are several hundred shows on Hulu to choose from, but these 10 are definitely worth a look as you scavenge the library in search of your next show. So what are you waiting for? Load into Hulu and begin your binges today!

Any other shows on Hulu that we need to know about? Any thoughts on the shows listed here? Voice your thoughts in the comments!

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