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Shows You Have To Binge Watch On Disney+

Shows You Have To Binge Watch On Disney+

Shows You Have To Binge Watch On Disney+

Getting a new prescription for shows can be nervous racking! Don’t get stuck looking at a screen full of shows you don’t really watch! Unsure about the classics or the new one’s they have added? Here are some shows you have to binge watch on Disney+! 

1. Jonas 

From 2008 to 2009 this was every middle school girls dream show to watch. With two seasons of pure love for the Jonas Brothers, there is nothing you should be doing with your day except binge watching this decade old show! It’s a good throw back show if you forgot this series even existed.  

Shows You Have To Binge Watch On Disney+

2. Hannah Montana

With four seasons, there is nothing like a blast form the past with Miley Cyrus! There is nothing that made middle school more enjoyable than waiting for the next show to come out the next week! From the moment Lily found out about Hannah Montana being Miley Stewart to the awesome shenanigans they get into throughout the series, there is so much you missed after not being able to watch everything all at once! From the crushes to the music this show was everything middle schoolers could ask for!

3. The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

Can you remember when Cole and Dylan Sprouse were doing to The Suite Life? It’s been forever and Disney Plus has made it easier to watch everything all in one place! You’ll be able to watch your favorite stars from that time and reminisce of the good old day being able to get home from school and watch it. Binge watching this show will make you remember all of the things Zack and Cody had done to Mr. Moseby and the gang! You’ll start to fall in love with the cast all over again with the ghost room episode and the time London Tipton tried to learn how to drive! 

Shows You Have To Binge Watch On Disney+

4. Phineas And Ferb

These two trouble makers made summer a dream come true! With thoughts of doing with they were doing within a day, there was nothing they couldn’t do. Their shenanigans were always something you wanted to go during the summer, but never got the chance to do.  Perry The Platypus was always a crowd favorite and made you wander what he did when he was not with the boys! Candice was the one to try to get them in trouble but always seemed to be getting into something on her own. This is a great series to binge watch for a long break! 

5. The Wizards Of Waverly Place

Have you ever wandered what it would be like to be a wizard around normal people while owning a sandwich shop? Yes? Well look no further than the best show Disney has ever produced! A family full of spells and learning how to control them have a hard time resisting the urge to not cast any spells. Alex, the trouble maker, always seems to have something up her sleeve! Like the time she moved the train car to another destination, that was insane! Make sure to have time to binge watch this great series! 

Shows You Have To Binge Watch On Disney+

6. Kim Possible

Do you hear the ring tone in your head when you read Kim Possible? If you did, you are a great person who has a great taste in Disney shows! This series was only making new content from 2001 to 2006 with four seasons! This is about the time where red heads became cool and having a naked mule rat was becoming okay to have around. Who could forgot those cargo pants Kim wore while she was fighting villains and saving the world! With both Ron and Wade by her side there was nothing they, as a team, couldn’t do!

7. Lilo And Stitch: The Series

Do you remember the movies which introduced us to Stitch and his corky ways of evolving in a world he never know until he crashed down and became a pet to Lilo, a lonely girl who needed a friend. In this series you’ll find them having fun finding species like Stitch because Jumba’s experiments have fallen onto earth in dehydrated pods which when in water become their actual size! While finding these experiments Lilo and Stitch will navigate throughout Hawaii and grow up along the way! While Stitch and the others try to act as normal as possible, you’ll see them in ridiculous customs that end up working! 

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Shows You Have To Binge Watch On Disney+

8. Recess

This oldie has got though decades and is still a great series to binge watch! With six elementary students, you wouldn’t think there was much they could go into until you watch this series. The ruler of the playground, King Bob, is out the get everyone who does something that he doesn’t like! The gang of six use recess time to defend the other kids on the playground and make the time spent out there is fun and enjoyable. This show is a great series to binge watch if you are looking for some humor and nice short episodes!

9. The Suite Life: On Deck

If you loved the The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and you didn’t watch their spin off, The Suite Life: On Deck, you need to. Because the boys are older there are more funniness and things going on that are not aimed to little kids! Every episode is full of laughs and humor older kids will love. Seeing Zack and Cody all grown up and seeing Debbie Ryan star in this great series makes everything worth the binge watch! Instead off going to regular school, they are now going on a boat! There are so much going on, you’ll want to keep watching after each episode is over!

10. Brain Games

Test your brain with games that will surely jumble it up! This show is great to exercise your memory or is you want to watch how the magic is made. With seven seasons, you are sure to find an episode you love! With each episode you’ll be able to find what you think might be missing! 

Shows You Have To Binge Watch On Disney+

Do you love any of these shows? Are you all ready binge watching them? Tell us in the comments below!
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