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5 Shows to Start Watching or Reintroduce Yourself to

There are a lot of shows that stand up decades later, and there are new shows that are worth delving into and getting sucked into. From the 1990s to current times, there is a show for everyone to enjoy. If you are looking for something new or something old to delve into, there is an array of shows to choose from to appease your viewing appetite. For those looking to binge watch some shows or jump right into something new, fear not, I’ve got you covered!

1. Dawsons Creek

Those people who love the teenage drama that doesn’t entirely center around just the teenagers will love this show. Dawsons Creek may be a late 1990’s show, but the issues, the drama, and the context stand the test of time. High school students trying to maneuver through hormones, family drama, and high school tribulations will never get old or be outdated. Dawsons Creek touches on hard-hitting storylines of divorce, drugs, alcohol, inappropriate relationships, father-son dynamics, mental health, and more. Each episode is packed with relatable content and opens up a dialogue between parents and teenagers. The bottom line is life is not perfect, and this show does not shy away from the real issues, including homophobia, sex, violence, death, and complex issues that span the generations. Watch as Dawson, Pacey, Joey, and Jen bring the drama and all the feels.  The entire series of Dawsons Creek is currently available on Netflix.

Saved by the Bell (Reboot on Peacock)

Saved by the Bell was a beloved sitcom of the 1990s. The show is a continuation combined with new characters and a diverse cast. The show is not a corny remake of the old version, but instead is quite comedic and allows students to grow and be unique. The show has a transgender character who is fierce, funny, and makes the show incredibly interesting. Mac Morris is the son of Kelly and Zac. Jamie Spano is Jessie Spano’s son. Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley are permanent cast members on the show. AC and Jessie both work at their old high school, Bayside High. A new storyline with new characters to love combined with some old favorites has us hooked. Each individual story brings to life a relatable or comedic situation that keeps us interested. The diverse cast and cameos of old cast members make this new version of Saved by the Bell intriguing. A combination of old with new is the perfect mix of what we loved about the 1990’s show and what we enjoy in our current times. Watch Saved by the Bell on the streaming application, Peacock.

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist is a great show for music lovers and dramedy enthusiasts. The show depicts Zoey who just happens to experience an odd situation that turns her life into walking and living musical. She has to wade through her own life’s dramatic events but also has to witness a musical of emotions based on other people’s feelings and thoughts. Zoey must muddle through difficult times, various romantic situations, and of course, helping her friends and dealing with work, all while embodying this newly found power. Zoey tries her best to help those around her while adjusting to her ever-evolving powers and changes in life. Zoey’s Extraordinary playlist combines comedy and drama together smoothly and touches our hearts in moments we will never forget. The show does not shy away from emotions, difficult topics, and relatable real-life situations minus the musical aspect. For anyone who loves dramedies and music, this is the show to watch! Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist airs on NBC and can be watched on Hulu as well.

See Also

The Masked Singer and Masked Dancer

If you are a person who enjoys putting clues together, knows their pop culture, and generally enjoys a true guessing game, these shows are a must-watch. The Masked singer dresses up celebrities in a costume head to toe and presents clues to who they are. Listen to the celebrities sing their hearts out and attempt to guess who is under the mask. The spin-off The Masked Dancer takes the same concept as the Masked Singer, only they are dancing. There are clue packages, and the celebrities get to say one word. The panel of judges and audience at home attempt to guess who they are. Using the power of deduction, and clues the panel and audience can figure out who is behind the mask. Both shows end up with one celebrity standing, and they win the golden trophy for being the top dancer or singer of the show. It’s a fun, simple, but very addictive show. You can watch all the previous seasons of The Masked Singer on Hulu, and watch new episodes of The Masked Dancer on Fox.


For those who like superhero shows, this is a dramatic show from the early 2000s. The show centers around Clark growing up, going to high school, and becoming Superman. The show depicts typical high school drama mixed with expected superhero and supervillain action. It is a show that mixes coming of age with the coming of power. Clark has to hide his newfound abilities from his friends and family and maneuver being a “typical” teenager at the same time. The audience gets insight into what will one day be Clark Kent’s biggest nemesis’ Lex Luthor. We see family dynamics and more come to life in this imagining of Clark Kents’ teenage years. If you like drama, superheroes, and coming of age stories, this series is one to revisit. There are Ten seasons to binge watch and enjoy on Hulu.

There are many shows from the 1990s through the 2000s to rewatch or discover. There is also a lot of fun and interesting shows hitting big-name networks as well. There are far too many to be named, but these are just a few that we think you would enjoy watching or revisiting. Let us know what shows from Netflix and Hulu you are enjoying and what actors and actresses have you singing their praises. Happy binge-watching!

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