6 Shows To Binge-Watch If You’ve Watched The Office Series Too Many Times

There are very few people who wouldn’t know exactly what you’re talking about if you started rattling on about Michael Scott and Dunder-Mifflin. The Office (the American version) was a crazy successful comedy series running from 2005 to 2013. It was and still is one of the most popular shows to binge-watch. Its premise is as simple as possible; it focuses on the day-to-day jobs of the office workers at a paper company. This series hit all the right marks from its lovable character development to the witty writing. Not to mention Jim’s trademark glances towards the camera that ALWAYS make us laugh.

If you’re like literally anyone who has ever seen The Office, you’ve probably watched it way too many times for your own good. In case you’re finally ready to branch out and watch shows that are similar in theme and comedy, here’s a list to get you started!

1. 30 Rock

30 Rock‘s story centers around a woman named Liz Lemon, head writer for a comedy-sketch series much akin to Saturday Night Live. Full of relatable characters and one of the most heartwarming mentor/mentee relationships out there (thankfully with no tease of anything romantic between the two), this show’s writing is probably even more clever than The Office. It has the obvious comedy that everyone can laugh at, and there’s the more subtle humor that sometimes goes unnoticed. If you’re suffering from The Office withdrawals, this is the perfect show to watch to get yourself out of that slump.

2. Parks and Recreation

Parks and Rec centers on Leslie Knope, a woman who works in a local parks and recreation department in Indiana. It follows her struggles and antics as she tries to push back against other bureaucrats while trying to improve her community. This one hits similar notes as The Office, and the two share a good majority of their audiences.

3. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Similarly to the premise of The Office, Brooklyn Nine-Nine follows the lives and jobs of workers in the police force. Detective Jake Peralta brings an awesome amount of humor to the series in addition to the incredibly characteristically diverse cast of characters. It’s no wonder that this show was recently renewed less than two full days after it was canceled because its charm has amassed such a large and dedicated fan base.

4. Arrested Development

Arrested Development centers around the highly dysfunctional Bluth family- chiefly Michael Bluth who struggles to keep his family under control while everything continuously goes awry for them. It had a similar issue to Brooklyn Nine-Nine, after Fox canceled the show in 2006. Much later, in 2013, it was picked up again by Netflix and is currently running its fifth season.

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5. Superstore

Similarly to the structure of The Office, Superstore follows everyday workers in their grocery store jobs at Cloud 9 mega-store (likely referencing Walmart). This show is full of oddball characters, and it is perfect to watch with the family.

6. Modern Family

This show has been a very massive success for almost its entire running time. Just like The Office shows insight into the lives of every day workers, Modern Family offers hilarious and dramatic perspectives of family life. The cast includes a chock-full of lovable characters. This one is definitely one of the memorable shows to binge-watch after watching The Office!

I know how hard that post-Office slump can be. You fall in love and become so attached to the characters, their lives, and even their jobs. It’s tough to accept that it’s gone and you don’t have any more of it to watch. Just try tuning-in to some more shows to binge-watch! Who knows, you might even find one you like more than The Office!

Did you enjoy our selection of the best shows to binge-watch? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Kassidy Barber

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