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Shows To Binge On Netflix When It’s Too Rainy To Go Outside

Shows To Binge On Netflix When It’s Too Rainy To Go Outside

It’s almost Christmas time, temperatures are dropping, and it’s the perfect weather to stay in all day watching Netflix. These are the perfect shows to binge all day and all night. These are the perfect shows to get invested in and be sad when they’re over! We all know we love to hate that feeling.

1. Friends

Hopefully, you’ve already seen Friends, but if you haven’t, now is the time to start! It’s a sitcom from the early 2000s and it has all the best clichès. It’s perfect for binging because each episode is only 20 minutes, and there’s 10 seasons to last you a while. This show might be on the girlier side, but there’s something for everyone.

2. Stranger Things

Even if you think you won’t like this show, you will! It’s the perfect mixture of teeny drama and action. You’ll be hooked after the first episode, and you’ll want to binge for the entire weekend. Plus, you’ll be in on the show and understand all the references your friends have been making for a year!

3. Jane the Virgin

If you’re looking for a show that will get you out of your boring same-old genre, this is it. It’s unpredictable, hilarious, and will get you in your feelings. It’s a pretty long show, so you can watch for a while before you experience the post-binge sadness.

4. The Office

This is the best show. Honestly, you can watch the entire show multiple times without getting bored. The Office is hilarious, and it’s easy to watch without being too invested. It’s also great for everyone, so if you’re in a group that can’t agree on a show, The Office will work for everyone. The episodes are only 20 minutes so you can watch a lot in one sitting!

5. Criminal Minds

For some strange reason, people (including myself) love watching shows and movies that terrify us. Even though Criminal Minds isn’t necessarily horror, you’ll be checking under the bed for a while. It shows crime from the perspective of the BAU and extremely interesting, especially if you’re interested in a career in investigation.

Shows To Binge On Netflix When It’s Too Rainy To Go Outside

6. Glee

Glee gets a bad rep, but don’t listen to the haters. Glee is a fun, quirky show. Even if it’s somewhat cringy sometimes, it’s worth it. It’s perfect for binging because the plot is really well developed and the characters are relatable. Plus, the Glee cast sings the songs everyone loves!

7. Grey’s Anatomy

This show is extremely long, so if you’re looking for something you can binge the rest of the semester, this is it. It’s an extremely popular show and for good reason. It gives viewers a glimpse of a career in medicine (even though it’s extremely exaggerated) and is dramatic enough to keep your attention.

8. Parks and Recreation

People like to compare Parks and Rec to The Office, but, don’t worry, they’re very different. Parks and Recreation is just as good as The Office! It’s a great comedy show with relatively short episodes that keep you hooked.

9. Riverdale

This show is definitely geared towards young adults, so it may not be perfect for everyone, but if you’re between the ages of 14 and 20 and enjoy exaggerated teen drama, this show is perfect for you. It actually dips into a few genres, with elements of drama, horror, sci-fi, and comedy. Also, who doesn’t love looking at Cole Sprouse?

10. Santa Clarita Diet

I promise you, this show is nothing like you’ve ever watched. It is hilarious. Even though it’s technically about zombies, don’t be fooled. You don’t have to like that type of movie at all to enjoy this show. So, if you’ve been looking for a show to watch to recover from Grey’s Anatomy, go ahead and watch this. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Shows To Binge On Netflix When It’s Too Rainy To Go Outside

11. Orange Is the New Black

This show is definitely on the inappropriate side, but if you’re into that, OITNB is great! It’s a perfect mixture of a few genres (comedy, drama, etc). It’s also a relatively long show, so if you enjoy being invested in a show for months, you’ll like this.

The actors really complete the show, and you’ll be dying to watch the next episode.

12. Sex Education

Another great comedy. Just watch.

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13. Victorious

We’ve been begging Netflix to add shows from our childhood for years! This may be in the teen range, but it’s a step forward. Just binge this show so you can feel the nostalgia you’ve been wanting.

14. Breaking Bad

This show is more on the action side. It’s jam-packed with a new twist every episode. It’s a great show if you’re looking for something intense. Even if you’re not usually an action fan, this show will still interest you. This is the show you’ll be thinking about all day while you’re at work, just wanting to get home and watch.

15. Dexter

Another one of the great crime shows, except this time it’s from the point of view of a vigilante. It can be gory, but it’s worth it. It’s super intense, and you’ll have to be fully involved to enjoy the show. But if you’re spending the weekend indoors, snuggle up and watch Dexter!

16. American Horror Story

If you like horror, please watch American Horror Story. It’s the type of show that’s disturbing, but you can’t stop watching. I promise you will be hooked in no time. Each season is completely different. It’s the perfect show to binge.

Shows To Binge On Netflix When It’s Too Rainy To Go Outside

17. Good Girls

Back to the comedies. This show is hilarious and has lots of unexpected turns. It’s especially funny if you like shows that make the characters super relatable.

18. Narcos

This show gives an in-depth look at cartel life and gives a lot of information about Pablo Escobar, but it still keeps you super entertained. It can get boring at some parts, but if you stick with the show, it’s worth it.

What are your favorite shows to binge on Netflix? Tell us in the comments!

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