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7 Shows That Are Total Trash But You HAVE To Watch

7 Shows That Are Total Trash But You HAVE To Watch

In our modern world of millennials gorged on technology, it’s unsurprising that streaming services like Amazon Prime and Netflix are overflowing with good quality, binge-worthy shows. But let’s face it, sometimes all you need to get you through the week is a load of trash; and pretentious, award-winning TV programs just won’t cut it. Unrealistic storylines, melodramatic characters, and series that go on just way too long, here are seven shows that are undeniably trash, but also gorgeously addictive.

1. Reign

Set in 16th century France, this historical drama series documents the real-life ups and downs of a teenage Mary Queen of Scots, and her friends and crushes at the Royal French Court. Kinda. It’s not exactly historically accurate, well not really at all actually, so if you’re a history enthusiast, this probably isn’t the one for you- the use of Bastille’s Pompeii in a battle scene would probably more frustrating than relaxing. But if you’re not that bothered, the lack of factual accuracy is sort of where this show gets its charm. By disregarding in many cases what really happened, the directors make way for more unrealistic and moreish elements of mystery, intrigue, and magic. Part mystery, part fantasy, and complete with a significantly chick-flicky vibe, the gorgeous stars, detailed costumes and great couples (this is a show where you can definitely get your OTP game on) make Reign nothing short of addictive.

7 Shows That Are Total Trash But You HAVE To Watch

2. Hart of Dixie

Deep in the heart of Alabama, a sassy new doctor is coming your way, her name: Zoe Hart. Ok so Hart of Dixie may not quite have the same place in our hearts as Grey’s Anatomy as doctor-shows go, but it’s less hardcore too. Sometimes after a long hard week, another of your fave characters dying despite being in a hospital can be the final nail in the coffin. HoD has none of that. Follow Zoe’s high heeled escapades through the small town of Bluebell, as she struggles to settle in, and ultimately finds that she might actually have found somewhere she likes just as much as The Big Apple. Settle back for some comfort watching of bitch fights between Southern Belles, small-town dramas and love triangles that will make your head spin- the Wade or George conundrum has us on the edge of our seats. What can we say? We love it.

7 Shows That Are Total Trash But You HAVE To Watch

3. Once Upon A Time

Now, Once Upon a Time is a classic example of a show that was ruined simply by going on too long. Is it still going on now? Who knows? Probably. But in spite of its fantasy-based content, the first few seasons of this show at least, are pretty good. The premise of the show is that every fairy tale character you’ve ever heard of has been cursed by Snow White’s evil queen to live in a small town in Maine, named “Storybrooke”, a bit cliche maybe, but bear with us. All of these ex-fairytailers have forgotten their true identities, and seeing the modern re-imaginings of the classic figures of our childhoods, coupled with flashbacks to the fairy tale world is actually really good fun. The intrigue as the true identity of each character is revealed, the romance and plot twists, not to mention the fact that the main couple of the show: Snow White and Prince Charming (Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas) are together in real life, really does give this show some irresistible magic.

7 Shows That Are Total Trash But You HAVE To Watch

4. Love Island

Well, you knew reality TV had to feature on here at one point or another, and here it is ITV2’s Love Island. A villa full of fit singles who are forced to live together for six weeks to battle it out for public love, make alliances, and backstab their mates? It’s like The Hunger Games, but less sadistic! Love Island is a hugely criticized show for many reasons, and a lot of them completely valid, but when it comes to comfort-viewing, this is just the kind of trash we need! Can we feel ourselves losing brain cells as we’re watching it? Yes. Will we be watching it for years to come? Just try and stop us.

7 Shows That Are Total Trash But You HAVE To Watch

5. Pretty Little Liars

ABC family/ Freeform’s Pretty Little Liars is another show that becomes increasingly ludicrous as it continues. But like Once Upon a Time, the first few seasons are 100% worth the time and effort. Set in the fictional small-town of “Rosewood”, Aria, Emily, Hanna, and Spencer are still recovering from the death of their group’s Queen Bee Alison DiLaurentis, and once they start receiving texts from the mysterious A, they start to wonder if Alison isn’t still alive after all. As soon as the first text is sent, we’re hooked. Who is A? Will Aria’s parents discover her secret relationship with her teacher? What will people think when they find out what Emily’s heart really desires? Will Spencer’s cool resolve crack under the pressure? And can Hanna protect her mum from going to jail? Full of mystery, twists, and great character development, PLL- we’re obsessed.

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7 Shows That Are Total Trash But You HAVE To Watch

6. H2O: Just Add Water

Adventure, romance, and mermaids? Yes, please! Ok, so technically, this show is aimed at kids, but for those of us who followed the escapades of Cleo, Rikki, Emma, and later Bella, growing up, H2O is 100% comfort telly.

7 Shows That Are Total Trash But You HAVE To Watch

7. Riverdale

Have you seen the memes? Cos we have. CW’s Riverdale has got its fair share of hate, and not to be harsh, but it’s not entirely undeserved. But we’re not here to talk about the bad things. We’re here to talk about the good things, and Riverdale‘s first season really isn’t that bad. Just like some of the other shows on this list, Riverdale‘s element of mystery really draws you in, and the show stars Cole Sprouse. I mean, what more excuse do you need?! All in all, it’s only when they start getting onto the musical episodes that it really goes downhill.

7 Shows That Are Total Trash But You HAVE To Watch

What are your trash TV guilty pleasures? Let us know in the comments below!

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