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10 Shows About College Every Student Can Relate To

10 Shows About College Every Student Can Relate To

If you are nostalgic for school, or looking forward to starting college, binging a tv show about school can be super entertaining and relaxing and relatable. Here are 10 great shows about college that are super relatable and entertaining.

1.  Dear White People

This hit Netflix show follows Black as they navigate the hypothetical Winchester University, an extremely prestigious and elite institution.  The protagonist, Sam, has a campus radio show, titled Dear White People, that explores the everyday racism she, and other students experience on campus. The show not only explores systematic and institutional racism and microaggressions, but creates distinct, and lively characters that  bring humor, depth and excitement to the show. The show has three seasons, and despite covering an intense topic, also has mystery, humor, and a self aware wit.


2. Grown-ish

 This spinoff from the hit show Black-ish, follows Zoey Johnson, the oldest daughter of the Johnson family, as she attends a California university. This is a comedic sit-com that tackles many problems college students face, and is one of the most relatable shows about college there is. The show is fashionable and lighthearted, but honestly full of great advice and life lessons that many students learn in college. If you want something that is optimistic and will make you excited for school, this is a great show to watch. With distinct and unique characters, there is definitely someone you can relate to.

3. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore girls is another iconic show, so much so it got a brief reboot season. The show starts with a young Rory in high school, as she works towards her dream of attending Harvard. Eventually Rory attends Yale, and the remainder of the series takes place at the University. Gilmore Girls is famous for its fast talking wit, and is a comedy as much as a touching story about family. The series equally follows Rory and her mother, along with their often tumultuous relationship with Rory’s grandparents. Rory’s life is often not relatable because of her unique family and connections, but her personality, and the challenges she faces are very common for many college students.


4. Scream Queens

This horror mini series follows a sorority house full of rich, shallow, and rude girls how are being targeted by a serial killer. The series stars Emma Roberts, Keke Palmer, Jamie Lee Curtis, and includes brief appearances by Ariana Grande. This all star cast is perfect for this comedic horror film. The characters are purposely outlandish and hilarious, and the show is full of drama and twists that will keep you entertained. While this is definitely not a typical college experience, this show is hilarious and great if you want a break from shows that are set in high school (like so many are).


5. Normal People

This modern love story follows Irish teenagers Marianne and Connell as they apply for university and eventually attend trinity. Based on the best selling novel by Sally Rooney, this mini series is a beautiful but also painfully sad love story. Marianne and Connell both struggle with various aspects of their lives, including adjusting to life at Trinity. The story is very relatable for many young people, as Marianne and Connell struggle to define their relationship and effectively communicate with each other.

6. Greek

This series follows students that are a part of greek life at a fictional university in Ohio. The comedic drama is perfect if you want a classic show about college. The show focuses on the Cartwright siblings, and their time in the greek organizations. The show is quintessential 2000’s, and is a great throwback to watch if you miss college. This is also much different from many shows about college, because the characters are more relatable, and live more relatable lives, rather than shows that place characters in prestigious and elite universities.


7. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

This iconic show follows a teenage Buffy into her college years as she fights against vampires, and other supernatural forces. This supernatural drama is popular for a reason, it combines classic horror tropes with late 90’s pop culture and aesthetics.  Buffy has a circle of friends, called the “Scooby Gang” that helps her through her world saving adventures. This show combines an exciting plot, with feminist messages and a strong female character, with witty humor that makes it a great show to watch. The character’s adventures through Buffy’s time in high school and college make it a great unique show to watch.

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8. Community

Community is a comedy set in a community college in Colorado, and follows an eclectic group of students in an unlikely study group. From an ex lawyer who lied about his degree, to a single mother. Community is a witty comedy full of pop culture references and draws on popular tropes often. This is a comedy set to the backdrop of college, and is great if you are looking for a show full of wacky but lovable characters. This show is full of misadventures leading to hilarious outcomes, and is a must watch if you love comedy.


9. Felicity

Felicity follows protagonist, Felicity Porter as she attends college in New York City, across the country from her home in California. The four season drama focuses on Felicity’s self growth and the challenges she faces while in college. This is a very relatable show, and is meant to give a realistic look into a young women’s personal journey through college. This is a touching show and is great to watch if you want something short.

10. Blue Mountain State

This cult tv show follows a typical American college stereotype, focusing on the football team, partying, and relationships of the students at the fictional state university. The show only had three seasons, but after its release gained a cult following because of it is dramatic and a stereotypical depiction of college life. If you want something easy to watch, but are nostalgic for college partying, this is a great show to watch.


What are some of your favorite shows about college? Let us know what you think of these shows in the comments!
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