12 Show-Stopping Valentine’s Day Outfits To Rock This Year

With Valentine’s Day in the middle of it, February is the month of love. The romantic date you’ve been dreaming to go to is slowly approaching and we know you’re already stressed out about what to wear! But don’t panic, and breathe: we’ve got your back! Here’s our pick of the cutest and trendiest Valentine’s Day outfits to leave your significant other absolutely speechless.

1. Red Lace Dress

Classic but never out of style, a cute red dress can really help you stand out on Valentine’s Day. What’s more, lace is the right way to go if you want your outfit to be elegant and sensual at the same time. Wear it with black decolléte heels and you’re ready for your date!

2. Pink Plaid Skirt & Wool Sweater

Among our favorite Valentine’s Day outfits surely is that of the preppy schoolgirl. Red is certainly the number one color of Valentine’s Day, but pink is number two! Combine a plaid pink skirt with either a pink or cream sweater for an all-time adorable look: wear it for a Valentine’s Day brunch or candle-lit dinner, either way, it’s a win-win.

3. Sweater Dress & Over-The-Knee-Boots

If you’re more into a comfy style, don’t worry, you don’t need to stress out on Valentine’s day. A chunky sweater dress wore with suede over-the-knee boots is our solution for a cozy, yet fashionable outfit – and it keeps you warm in the cold, too!

4. Sparkly Sequin Dress

Who said that you can’t go extra with your Valentine’s Day outfits? Since they’re already a huge trend of 2019, sequin dresses can be your best choice to make you shine. Are you aiming at an elegant, sparkly look? Go with a black sequin dress. Are you willing to dare? Try a golden sequin dress!

5. Fringe Skirt & White Blouse

Straight out of cowgirl outfits, fringes are here to make your look stand out in 2019. A fringe skirt combined with a white soft blouse is undoubtedly in the Top 10 of Valentine’s Day outfits this year. And you can get creative with shoes, too: over-the-knee boots or decolléte heels, pick your favorite!

7. Rock ‘N’ Roll Leather Dress & Edgy Accessories

If you’re more into a grunge, rock ‘n’ roll style, this is your best choice among our Valentine’s Day outfits. Skintight or wide, a black leather dress will surely give you a fashionable look. Try and match it with some edgy accessories like a studded purse or statement earrings for a complete rock ‘n’ roll look.

8. Statement Suit

Suits aren’t only a business-casual outfit choice anymore! 2019 calls for bright colors and Valentine’s Day is the right occasion to answer the call. Get creative and don’t be afraid to risk a little: leave your black suit in the closet and pick out either pastel or neon colors for your Valentine’s Day suit.

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9. Leopard Print Blouse & Leather Skirt

The good old animal print won’t disappoint you on Valentine’s Day. For a classic look, get a leopard print blouse on and spice it up a little with a leather skirt – and you’ll be ready to roar!

10. Snakeskin Flares & Turtleneck Crop Top

Not a fan of the leopard print? No worries, snakeskin print is a 2019 trend too. The “snakeskin flares & turtleneck crop top” look officially enters the chart of the 12 Most Fashionable Valentine’s Day Outfits, and we love it. Flare pants will also highlight your silhouette, shaping your legs and your waistline.

11. Kimono Dress

For an exotic, fancy look a kimono dress is what you need on Valentine’s Day. With or without prints, it’s up to you, because the kimono-wrap shape is the true protagonist of this outfit.

12. Classy Plunge Jumpsuit

Long plunge jumpsuits are an all-time favorite also on this special day. Elegant and comfortable, they’re an amazing choice for a fancy night out. If they’re flared both on sleeves and pants, that’s even better! You’ll look like a trendy dancing queen straight out of the Mamma Mia! musical.

Do you feel ready to flaunt your Valentine’s Day outfit? Let us know in the comments below – we’d love to know what you’ll choose to wear!

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