How To Show Your School Spirit At SJU Sporting Events

How do you show your school spirit at SJU sporting events!? Need some advice? Keep reading!

Wear The School’s Colors

The first step of showing school spirit is something that I really shouldn’t even need to write down, but here we are. Wear. The. School’s. Colors. It’s really not that difficult. I realize that if you go to St. John’s the colors are navy blue and red, and maybe you don’t think you look good in one or both of those colors. So, you have two options: you look awesome in one of our school’s colors and wear it constantly, or just suck it up and support SJU. In the long run that Instagram picture that you can’t tell your hair apart from your shirt isn’t going to be as memorable as sitting in the stands with a bunch of friends cheering for your team.

Learn The Game

This brings me to step two. You can’t cheer for the team if you don’t know what’s going on. Learn the basics. If you’re going to a basketball game at MSG know what happens when a team gets a technical (hopefully not our team). If you’re heading to Belson for a soccer game, learn the meaning of why they just threw that yellow flag. Knowing the sport you’re watching makes it all that more exciting because you can really get into it and when someone starts a chant like “YOU CANT DO THAT” you’ll know exactly why.

Sit With Students

Another aspect to this is sitting in the student section. I know it may look crazy but that’s what sporting events are for. You don’t go to a game or a match to sit back and relax. If you wanted to do that you could be on a couch somewhere. If you do in fact decide to sit in the student section, stay off of your phone. Imagine if you were at a televised game and the camera panned to the crowd and there you were, on your phone. Your parents are probably at home watching the game and using the DVR to rewind and take a weird picture of the screen to post on Facebook with a caption like “Our little star’s 15 minutes of fame.” That might embarrass you, but being on your phone would be even worse. I’m not saying go on a phone hiatus the whole time…timeouts can get boring, I get it. Just take a couple of Snapchats, get your Insta pic and then put your phone down. Always asking “what happened?!” after the moment is over definitely ruins it. So pretty much, pay attention. Don’t go to a game with no intention of watching it, that’s why you have that comfy bed and a computer with streaming capabilities at home.
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