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10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Stay In Your Hometown For College

10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Stay In Your Hometown For College

Those who leave their hometown for college gain so much greater experiences. Here are 10 reasons why staying in your hometown for college is a bad idea.

As summer has begun, more and more prospective college freshmen are soon going to head off to college and leave their safe and comfortable home for the first time in 18 years. For most, if not all young men and women, this is the biggest change of their lives. Personally, living in San Diego, CA all my life, leaving home for Phoenix, AZ is going to be very difficult. Saying goodbye to living with your family, many friends you have known for years, and the community you are so comfortable in. Over years of watching my siblings, their friends, and my friends leave and return from college, I am so excited to begin my journey. If there is one thing I’ve learned through this, it’s that those who leave their hometown for college gain so much greater experiences and are far quicker to mature. Here are 10 reasons why staying in your hometown for college is a bad idea.

1. Way of Passage

Leaving home for school is one of those pivotal steps in life. One that just about everyone can relate to, and driving 20 minutes to class does not give you that memorable life event.

2. Education

The biggest component of college, when you are away you have more time to yourself, seemingly making it easier to focus on schoolwork than if you were at home with many distractions.

3. Food!

The eateries in your hometown may be ‘to die for’, but there is so much amazing food in the world and experiencing different food in different places is a true aspect of adventure. And, if you fear you will get too homesick, just remember: Subway, Chipotle, Five Guys, Chik-Fil-A, and Jimmy Johns are the exact same taste across the country.


4. Adventure

Going to a new area means new adventures. Whether it’s as simple as discovering local shops, or extravagant as finding killer new hiking trails. A new area means new ways to find joy and gain new experiences.

5. Uncomfortable Living

Adapting to a new, usually small and old, dorm room is a way of growing up. The days of mom cleaning your room and doing your laundry every day is no more. Wherever you may come from, living on your own for the first time in an uncomfortable area is one of life’s true ways to mature quickly.

6. New friends

Continuing on the new living space, a whole group of new friends. Connecting with a brand new group of people while having little to no hometown friends near you is another trait to learn in the so called “real-world”.

7. Grow up

As anyone and everyone will tell you, the most important aspect of college is growing up. Living in your hometown blocks you from reaching that full potential. As wonderful and helpful as your parents have been, college is a place for you. Grow into a mature young man or woman in this society, Find who YOU want to be, and have as much as possible.

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8. Learn to travel

Wherever you are, learning to go new places and attaining new life experiences is critical. Going away for college gives you more freedom to do so, making far richer memories and enjoyment.

9. Fresh Start

No matter how cool, or uncool, you were in high school, college is a fresh start. You can be who you really want to be, whether its a major change or just forgetting an embarrassing high school moment.

10. No Safety Net

The notion of the ‘Safety Net’ of being able to go home whenever there’s a problem arises a major maturity blocker. While being away from home, you are forced to work things out yourself and work to your own conclusions. Whether its a problem with a friend, family member, a bombed test, or you’re flat out just having a bad day. Pushing through rough times on your own (although it may be hard) will benefit you greatly in the long run.

College is a fantastic phase of life, and one of the best times in life to grow as a person. Explore, Eat and have fun!

Why else is staying in your hometown for college a bad idea? Let us know down below!
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