Should You Trust Your Boyfriend Alone On Spring Break?

Having a boyfriend is great. You don’t have to shave as much. You have someone to take your anger out on. And you always have a built-in show discusser who is down to analyze the ins-and-outs of Michael Scott’s evolving character. The downside, however, is that sometimes your plans don’t exactly align with your soulmate’s. Maybe you’re long distance, maybe you go to different schools, or maybe you both just decided to do your own thing this year. Whatever it is, this year he went on his own spring break trip, and you’re uh. Well, you’re not with him. So, will you actually trust your boyfriend on spring break this year?

1. Freaking Out Internally Will Not Help You Trust Him

What if he fell off a cliff (what if he forgets about me)? What if his friends convinced him I was lame and he decides he wants to be single again (what if he forgets about me)? What if a hot bartender worked there and convinced him to stay there forever and leave me wondering what happened (what if he forgets about me)? And the big one – what if some dirty thot tries to get with him, will he be so drunk to go through with it (is he going to cheat on me)?

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2. Get On The Same Page

Talk about each others plans and intentions for vacation, before spring break. This is especially important if you’re staying home or not going on the same spring break as him. Don’t be that girl that let’s your boyfriend go on spring break, cheat on you all week long, then take him back at the end of the week claiming you “gave him a hall pass”. You wont be that chill, cool girlfriend.. I promise. You’ll just be cheated on again, whether it’s on spring break, or 20 ft away from you… sorry.


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3. Keep Each Other Informed

Make an effort to keep each other up to date about what’s going on. Whether that means calling, or texting at a certain time of the day to catch up — find something that works for the two of you. No one expects you to spend your entire vacation worrying about your significant other. But if your bae falls off the face of the earth for five days when you’re supposedly at the beach, your significant other might spend their entire vacation worrying about you. Do them a favor and hit them up.

PURSUIT: A Novel – 34.1: MTV – Fling ~Bobby, Donny, and Tommy whooped it up as they saw Jessie blow them a kiss from the doorway to the balcony as the bare-chested, muscle-sculpted guy continued to announce the second girl. Jessie was already drawing the crowd’s attention away from the Philly …

4. Communication

I’m not saying that your boyfriend needs to face time you for two hours, every other hour, everyday. You both deserve to have fun during this break from work/school, so don’t take up all his time by worrying about him.

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5. Cheating

Let’s be real now.. everyone with a girlfriend/ boyfriend on spring break has worried about being cheated on while the other is off having fun. It is inevitable. But if you both can’t trust each other enough to let them go off on these trips with half naked girls/ guys then this relationship might not be for you. A relationship is built off trust, so if your boyfriend gets blackout drunk, and hooks up with a girl, it was NOT by accident. He can YOLO all he wants, but STDs stick around the whole time you’re YOLO-ing and I want all of y’all to be saying YOLO for long after your college years are over, so stick with your friends and make good decisions.

There are moments we live TOGETHER that seem unrealistic as good as they are. . A love ♥️, a desert island 🏝, a sunset ☀️ and a kiss 😘 .…

6. Trust Him, And Have Fun On Your Own

Lastly, don’t overthink relationship statuses. If you’re happy where you are in life, good for you. That’s that. Don’t question what things mean or whether or not he is going to hook up with anyone else over break. Just do you and be happy. Things always work out in the end and there’s nothing you can do to change that.

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Would you trust your boyfriend on spring break alone? Tell us in the comments below!

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