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10 Short Hairstyles That Will Be Perfect For The Hot Weather

10 Short Hairstyles That Will Be Perfect For The Hot Weather

10 Short Hairstyles That Will Be Perfect For The Hot Weather

Summer will here before we know it, providing us with longer, sunny days, fun memories at the beach, and, more importantly, vacation! It’s definitely time to think of a new summer look and getting a short hair style is a good place to start! Short hairstyles can be fun and convenient in the summer heat, and will totally go with all those cute summer dresses and outfits you’ll be bringing out of your closet. Here are ten short hairstyles that will be perfect for the summer heat!

1. A braided bob

Many people think that short hair is hard to style, but that’s definitely not true! Give this braided do a try for a fresh summer look!

2. A high half-ponytail

The high, half-ponytail will make you look sassy and flirty, especially if you have short hair. It’s perfect for a summer barbecue or a day at the beach!


3. Double buns

Since a traditional single bun is a harder look to achieve with shorter hair, give it a twist by making double buns! This look is insanely cute and will keep you cool in the summer heat!

4. Short braids

Even short hair can make you very sweaty in the middle of summer. Braiding your entire hair is a good way to stave off the heat and keep your hair from sticking to your face! Try it out with a cute summer dress!

5. A straight bob

Keep it simple with a straight, short bob. This is a nice look when you are trying to keep things casual and it’s pretty easy to maintain throughout the day.


6. A wavy short bob

If you want to spice things up a little, try adding some volume and loose waves to your short hair for that hot, beachy vibe! Pair with a nice crop top and shorts for the ultimate summer look and don’t forget your sunglasses

7. The pixie cut

If you are feeling bold and brave and looking for a total transformation for the summer months, why not try getting a pixie cut? It may seem scary to chop off your long locks if that’s what you are used to, but summer is definitely a time to be more daring and pixie cuts can come in many cute looks.

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8. Short and curly

Speaking of cute looks, try out this messy hairstyle with tons of curls. Sport this look for a carefree, summer vibe and add a bit of coconut oil to keep your curls looking radiant in the sunshine! Upgrade your overall look with a vibrant lip color and floral dress for a tropical appearance.

9. Try a new color

Summer is a time of discovery and change. Everything from the grass and trees to the weather is bright and full of life, which makes it an excellent time to try out a new hair color. Why stop at getting highlights when you can try out this nice burgundy color on your entire hair. Explore other vibrant colors that will make you stand out all summer!

10. Add a headband

Don’t forget about trying out all cute kinds of hair accessories this summer! When you don’t really have time to do anything fancy or excessive, adding a nice headband or flower clips can give you that confidence boost you’re looking for! This will look cute with a low, messy bun or other fun looks when you have more time, but this is a great everyday look for short hair!


Which short hairstyle will you be sporting this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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