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10 Short And Sweet Study Breaks You Can Have With Friends

10 Short And Sweet Study Breaks You Can Have With Friends

Hello. You poor thing. It’s that time of the month isn’t it? Exam time. Oh no, unless it’s also that time of the month as well. Geez, that’s rough. Well anyway, exam period can make us feel like life has no fun anymore. No really. Like there’s nothing good in the world. Oh wait, no. Your friends! Remember, they feel exactly the same! Here are some short and sweet study break ideas for you and your friends. They’re easy, efficient and perfect for the gloomiest days of studying, pre and post exams. Oh and actually just really nice to do in general!


When it’s exam time, a limit on coffee does not exist! Not only do students become dependant on this magical substance, it’s also a great excuse to take a break. Now coffee is fantastic but your break shouldn’t break the bank. So in the mean time, I recommend the instant stuff. I know, I know, it’s awful. BUT. Reward yourself with a professional coffee every day with a friend. It’ll be sweet and well earned. Am I right? You star student you.

Hot chocolate

Not into coffee (go away, we can’t be friends.) No seriously what’s wrong with you. Okay, fine. So coffee isn’t your thing. You don’t have to miss out on a coffee trip with your (better) friends. I’m sorry I’ll stop.  A hot chocolate can be your sweet treat. Especially at the end of a gruelling day on the books. A trip to a local, late night cafe for a hot chocolate is a nice study break to have with friends. It’ll put you at ease.


Frozen yoghurt

Keep the sweet treats coming. Maybe you’ve just conquered an exam (I hope) but still have three to go. You still deserve to take a breather and treat yourself to frozen yoghurt. It’s perfect and easy! It’s a favourite amongst my mates and it’ll always cheer us up during the gloomy exam period.


Time for the heavy stuff. I get it. Alcohol can also be your number one friend during exam period. Or preferably at the end. Nonetheless, never drink alone. Find your buddy whose struggling the most and get a drink. Its a fantastic relaxant. Fake it til you make it. If you act relaxed you’ll be more relaxed. That’s my remedy anyway. One little drink won’t hurt.


Don’t forget to eat! And maybe you haven’t been prioritising food during this stressful period (unless you count the block of chocolate you keep on your desk.) Book a dinner date with a group of friends. It’ll force you to leave your desks, have a chilled night, enjoy life a bit, reward yourself for all the work you’ve done and then you can get back to it. But who doesn’t believe that food can fix anything!



Got a bit more time? Maybe you’re not a med student. Good, me neither. Let’s catch a movie. This may not be a ‘short’ study break but maybe you’ve got one more exam to go?  You’ll ace it. So get with a friend and go to a movie. It’s cost efficient and doesn’t take any effort at all. You can even go in your pyjamas! If you’ve been avoiding Netflix throughout the entire exam period, then you deserve it!


Taking ten and listening to your favourite playlist with your favourite people is an excellent study break! It can be such a quick, short and easy rejuvenator. If you can’t get to a friend, then exchange play lists and enjoy! Music feeds the soul. And exams can make you feel like a soulless zombie! So don’t forget that music shared with friends, makes studying ten times better.

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Nothing wrong with getting sweaty. Exercise is amazing for the brain. Especially if you’ve been chained to desk all day. Having a gym buddy is really motivating. You don’t just have yourself to let down should you decide to skip the gym. You’ll feel so much better. Any kind of exercise is fabulous. It can be as short as you like. And you’ll also feel so sweet, guaranteed!

Phone Call

A bit old fashioned, but you don’t have to suffer alone in this dark time. Organise a phone call with a friend. It can be five minutes. Even if you face time or have a conversation on speaker. This is a really  convenient study break. Short, maybe sweet. I mean, if you just want to scream how much you hate the world, go right ahead!

Social Media

Similarly, schedule in a good old social media session. Scroll away! While it’s tempting to pick up your phone every five minutes, leaving social media alone for a while can make it so much better when you finally get to check. The world won’t end and I’m sure you won’t miss anything important. Test yourself AND your friends by holding each other accountable. Remember, there are ways to see who’s being active…


Good luck with your studies! I’m really into having breaks, especially with friends. Hopefully some of these short and sweet study breaks make this time easier!

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