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12 Shops Where You Can Buy Crystals

12 Shops Where You Can Buy Crystals

Crystals are becoming one of the hottest decoration and accessory pieces! You can decorate your dorm room with them or simply wear one as a necklace or a bracelet. However, aside from being absolutely stunning, they also carry a deeper, more serious purpose. Each crystal offers a different kind of energy and healing ability. By having one in your room or wearing one as an accessory, you will be given the ehaing and peace you need. There are so many crystals out there that can be specific to your aesthetic. Though it might be difficult finding a shop where you can find crystals-don’t worry! Here are 12 shops where you can buy crystals!

1. Jody’s Earthly Delights

Jody’ Earthly Delights is an Etsy shop where you can buy real crystals. They vary with size, color, and price. The kind of crystals you will find on Jody’s Earthly Delights Shop are the decorative ones. You can put them on your desk or window or turn it into a DIY project and make a dream catcher out of them. Whatever you decided to do, your room will be filled with positive energy and healing!

2. Alex And Ani

On Alex And Ani you will find unique jewelry that goes even beyond crystals. Their bracelets are filled with positive energy that will reflect off of you! What’s also awesome about this online shop is that a portion of their profit foes to charities! This way, you are actually wearing a giving and filling energy. 


3. Energy Muse

On Energy Muse you will find countless crystal jewelry in all shapes and sizes for men and women! Their website also goes to further explain what each healing crystal mean! When going on their website, you can also take a crystal test to find out which crystal is specifically meant for you! The color and shape of the crystal you pic represents what your soul craves therefore your healing crystal will give you the energy you are looking for!

4. Bliss Crystals

Bliss Crystals is another Etsy shops where you can buy real healing crystals! On their shop you fill find little crystals for decoration or bracelets and necklaces. All vary in shapes and sizes (there even heart-shaped crystals!) and the jewelry is so bright and colorful! 


5. Crystal Gemstone Shop

This unique shops has thousands of crystals that are incorporated into jewelry, statues, and even water bottles! There is also an A-Z crystal option that lets you choose from all types of crystals they have! 

6. Nature’s Treasures 

Nature’s Treasures offers not only crystals but also healing oils. The crystals are incorporated in the cutest jewelry which carries a meaning. There are healing crystals for worrying, prayer, love, and so much. Whichever crystal you will end up wearing will attract that  energy. Their crystal products are also outdoor decorations! Those would be the perfect gift for your mom or as a wedding gift! This shop also has an A-Z option which allows you to look at the crystals one by one and learn about them! 


7. Katrina’s Crystals Creation 

Katrina’s Crystals Creation offers crystal jewelry, essence, and minerals. The minerals are a perfect room decoration which can bring peace to your home or dorm room. Crystal essence can be used as essential oils for your body to take away your stress and anxiety.  

8. Gypsy Soul Dreamer

On Gypsy Soul Dreamer, you can buy crystals that much the energy you have and need. Gypsy Soul Dreamer offers hundreds of crystals incorporated in so many ways! They are even incorporated in the dream catchers. They also offer books in which you can learn more about yourself and what kind of crystal is perfectly fitted for you. 

9. Earth Odyssey

Their shop offers several types of crystals and jewelry under $50! However, they also have elegant pieces that you can dress up! Their website also  has a psychic reading that you can get over the phone! 

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10. Found Wanderer

On The Found Wanderer you can buy crystals that were subtly incorporated into elegant jewelry  that can be worn for a fancy event such as a Spring Formal or even a wedding! Their website also has a blog in which their further explain the meaning of each crystal, give tips on decoration ideas, and show their work in process when working with crystals and gemstones!

11. Kendra Scott

If you didn’t know, you can buy crystals and gemstones at Kendra Scott as well! Their crystals and gemstones are incorporated into the gorgeous, handmade jewelry that is so adored by many! They have a variety of color and shape to choose from! There are subtle bracelets and necklaces if you’re feeling a bit modest and conservative, and bold ones if you’re feeling like showing off! Kendra Scott often holds events in which you can make your own jewelry! A portion of Kendra Scott’s profits go towards supporting children with cancer which gives the crystals even a bigger meaning. Also, by signing up with your email and providing your birthday you can receive 25% off your first purchase and on your birthday! Don’t you think it’s time to treat yourself?


12.Harriet&Higgs Handmade

Harriet & Higgs Handmade is an Etsy shop that makes electrically inspired statement jewelry.  Their earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces wont let you slip unnoticed. They have jewelry for every occasion; whether you’re looking for something casual to wear every day or for a statement necklace, you will easily find both!

I hope you have learned a little bit more about healing crystals and the profound meaning behind them! Each crystal is unique and special in its own way. By learning more about yourself you will find the perfect crystal for you. The healing crystal you’ll choose to wear is going to be giving you and your surroundings the energy that you crave. Hopefully this article was a helpful guide on where to buy crystals! Which crystal fits your personality the most? Comment below and share with your friends!