Shopping Guide For Women Any Girl Will Love

Shopping Guide For Women Any Girl Will Love

Shopping is great fun, but at the same time can get very distrating. With the endless stores and options to pick from, we often get distracted from what we really are there to buy, to anything else that comes our way. 

Make your life easier and be a smart shopper. Here is a shopping guide you should keep in mind while you shop for a clear, timed and successful shopping experience. Go home with all the things on your list instead of a bunch of cute things you would probably never use. 

Know what you are going to the store for, make a shopping guide. This will help you go home will a tick on each thing you require instead of trying to think of what you are missing at the billing counter. It is always better to ask for directions instead of getting lost in those numerous isles. 

It is always a great idea to keep track of all your recent purchases so you may keep a check on the amount you end up spending each month on shopping. You may also want to be aware of what you already have in your wardrobe before you go out shopping. This will help you look for something different that does not look quite as much as the dress you bought last weekend. 

Check the price tags of products before trying them on. If something seems a little expensive, you may want to consider waiting a few days until your pay day, or perhaps try to save the extra buck in some other way to cover up for your extra expenditure. 

Especially for white colour shirts or even dresses, it is always better to spend less and replenish more frequently. You may not be buying a white coloured outfit for it’s longevity as it is going to be sparkling white only for a few washes. 

Shopping Guide For Women Any Girl Will Love

E-commerce tips

If there is a specific brand you usually end up making your purchases from, getting a loyalty membership or even keeping up with their newsletter or other notification services to know of all the latest deals and sales will end up saving you a great deal of money as you spend. 

While buying something online, it is always better to look for the same product on another website to get various angle and pictures of the product you are looking to buy for a usful purchase. 

For those of you who shop a lot and love to be on top of the new trends, it is important to get rid of all the extra old clothes you may not wear anymore that is at the top of this shopping guide. Try to re-sell your good conditioned clothes, putting that money in a separate bank account, aiming to limit your new purchases to this amount. 

Shopping Guide For Women Any Girl Will Love

Changing-room game plan

Try not to end up waiting in a long queque by the trial room in clothing stores. Wasting all that time is not worth it. Look for alternate change rooms, probably in other departments to save yourself from that long and slow moving queue. 

It is also a good idea to take two possible sizes you think you may fit into while you go to try them on. This will save you the unnecessary restart of having to get back in the line just because you needed to try on a smaller size of the dress you picked. 

Try to make some body movements as you try on your new outfits. Sit, bend and move around to figure if there is anything that may be pinching, ripped or for anything else. If you are having second thoughts about the outfit, it is always better to go home and let yourself some time to decide if you really want that outfit. A second round to the mall the net day wouldn’t hurt as much wasting a brand new outfit would. 

You may also consider buying your dream gown if on a sale. Even though you might not have an occasion to wear it yet, you may not find the same price again. Also it is better to be prepared for that time of an occasion instead of trying to make time to quickly buy something for a party you have to attend a few days later.

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Don’t buy an outfit thinking someday soon you will fit into it. There will be a lot of choices to chose from once you have actually reduced some weight.

Shopping Guide For Women Any Girl Will Love

Shoe tips 

All the new-in styles of shoes are a great way to update your existing wardrobe with something different and new. This will add a new look to your clothing style. 

Shoes can also often be a pain a few hours after you have worn them for the first time, which then just end up being a waste of money and the pair lying in some corner of your house. Skip this unplesant process by wearing your new shoes on various surfaces in your home for at least 30-45 minutes. This will give you a good idea of how comfortable or not as much your shoes are. You would still have the option to return or exchange the pair as you would not have dirtied it’s soul yet, wearing it indoors. 

It also isn’t a great idea to buy a pair of shoes thinking that it may stretch a little once worn a few times, it may not! It is always a good idea to first take your new pointed-toe sandals to a cobbler to get a metal plate fixed under your toe to make them last exponentially longer. 

Just as much it is important to pick the right pair, your shoes must also be well taken care of. Try to glance at the weather before heading out to avoid any footwear malfunction. You may hamper your leather boots if you wear them on a rainy day, and may slip or even twist your ankle in your heels on a cold icy day. Know what the weather conditions may look like for the day before you pick a footwear for yourself. 

Shopping Guide For Women Any Girl Will Love

Let us know of your shopping hacks and ideas in the comments below. 

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