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Shopping Bargains Every Saver Would Want To Know

Shopping Bargains Every Saver Would Want To Know

We all know how important it is to spend our money wisely. Yet, there are many shopping bargains that many of us do not partake in. So, why not start now? Let us get into some ways to save money while shopping online or in-store!

First, Budget!

I want to take a moment and say that budgeting should be the first thing you do if you’re going to save. Having the knowledge of exactly how much you are willing and can spend is the way we can be conscious about our money and prioritize our necessities and splurging. I am definitely not saying that something is wrong with treating yourself from time to time. However, I am saying always have in mind how much is wise for you to spend while spoiling yourself.

My tip would be to designate a notebook only for your budgeting. Take some time out monthly to jot down all your earnings, bills, personal needs, and the extra money you have to spend. Make sure to list how much money you will need to take out of each paycheck to be able to put towards your necessities and bills. Now, you will be able to see what you have to spend on yourself!

Shopping Bargains Every Saver Would Want To Know


Yes, shopping in the clearance section is the obvious way to save, but believe it or not, some people skip over this option. Some shoppers see the clearance section as a place the store dumps all of the unwanted or damaged items. They are also seen as a chaotic mess that customers want no part in. Both observations are valid, but taking a look at the pros of the clearance section is worth the time! 

A clearance section is where employees are told to put stained, ripped, or out of season items. Typically, the stuff you see in this area are simply just out of season. Therefore, most of the goodies you will find in clearance will be in excellent condition. I have found that if you conger up the patience and time to go shop in the clearance section, your bank account will thank you in the end for the money you saved by the end of it your day of shopping.

You will not only save by browsing in the clearance section, but you will also find amazing steals! I have bought some killer items that seem crazy expensive, but I found them for less than $20! Do not skip out on looking in the clearance section! Check there first in every store you enter before you look at any of the regular priced items.

Shopping Bargains Every Saver Would Want To Know


Coupons/Coupon Codes

The fact is people do not care about or have time to seek out a deal every time they shop, but some people desire to save as much money as they can on a regular. Well, this one is for you!

Coupons and coupon codes are sometimes tedious and extra, but they will give you a discount you are searching for. Even though they have a lot of stipulations, they have a great way of keeping more money in your pocket while getting what you want. 

You can find some great coupons from merely signing up to get emails from a store, ordering coupon booklets, finding coupons at the bottom of your receipts, finding online coupons, or using a coupon app (which I will talk about below).


In recent years, coupon finder apps have been popping up like crazy. By downloading an app such as these, you will be able to search any deals that are available for your use in any store or online. 

Applications such as or RetailMeNot will help you saving in-store and online!

Shopping Bargains Every Saver Would Want To Know

Price Comparison

The internet has given us a way to research more than we can imagine so, why not use that to our advantage when looking for shopping bargains.

Look up the product you are shopping for and compare the prices of that same item to the multiple stores that carry it. This will give you a way to view all of the rates you have as options without running from store to store. Now, keep in mind that many store’s pricing is different online than in-store, but this research will show you what you can expect the price to be to an extent. 

You may find this search to be time-consuming, but to be able to save money by just doing a little research is definitely worth the time spent!

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Shop On Wednesday, Thursday, And Friday

Shopping on the right days at the correct times will get you first pick at new clearance items and will help you avoid crowds.

Most stores put out new items a few days before the weekend to get ready for the weekend crowd. Therefore, if you shop on a Wednesday or Thursday, you will find a better and more organized variety of goodies! Plus, the ease and peace you have shopping on the weekdays will be a highlight of your day!

Online Savings

Online shopping has become one of the biggest successes in the world; that is why you see so many actual stores closing down. It is the new hype! There are multiple reasons why, but I want to mention the one that has to do with the savings you get by online shopping. 

With online shopping, you can find your desired product for much cheaper than the ones instore. This is due to there being so many stores to choose from online that are not in your area.

By shopping online, you can use coupon codes (that you can find almost anywhere online), and you can get free shipping with orders over a specific!  

You can also price watch! Placing items you desire to order into your cart, letting them sit there, and checking weekly or daily to see if the article goes on sale, is what I mean by price watching. It is a great way to catch a deal without much effort!

Shopping Bargains Every Saver Would Want To Know


To find good shopping bargains, you must set some time aside to seek them out. I am telling you will not regret it! Comment below if you have some saving tips of your own! We would love to hear them!

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