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Shoe Trends That Should Have Never Been A Thing

The shoes you wear are an important element of any ensemble, but there are so many different styles that come and go that it may be tough to keep up! That’s why we’ve put together a list of shoe trends that should never have been a thing, as well as what to wear instead.

1. Sporty Slides

First up on shoe trends that we don’t understand why they were ever a thing; sporty slides. We recognize that these are quick and easy to put on and that they are a comfortable option of footwear, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look stylish and trendy while being comfy! Plus, prettier slides are easy to pair with any outfit and dress up or down depending on the vibe you’re looking for, so there really is no need to argue with us. What is really up and trending right now are cloud slides; these Yeezy slide dupes come in a variety of hues and are easy to incorporate into your outfit in a stylish way, or just to add on to your comfy fit. And don’t worry, we have ensured that these are still just as comfortable and if anything they are more comfortable! If you want to feel like you are walking on couch cushions, have an easy shoe to slide on and off, all while still looking trendy then you need to ditch your sporty slides and switch to cute ones.

2. Chunky Sneakers

We know that chunky sneakers are for the most part a thing of the past, but we just felt the need to emphasize an extra why on how anyone ever let this on a shoe trends list. Even if you are a die-hard chunky fila stan, you have to agree that they make your feet look incredibly clunky and don’t really add much to your outfit other than height. Lucky for you, there are alternative options that will give you height without giving your feet a strange appearance. For example, sneakers with just a little bit of platform (or a lot, if that’s what you want!). Platform converse is always a good way to go, but there are plenty of other options as well; all we are saying is that making it a trend to have clunky-looking feet should have never been allowed and we would like to talk to whoever made that happen.

3. Round Toed Shoes

Okay, fine, round-toed heels are not exactly up there for the absolute worst shoe trends, but we still found it important to mention. All we wanted to say is that the trend is outdated and it is time to find a more flirty and fresh take on heels. Round-toed heels had their moment, but now we realize that they were simply there as a default option, and they also sort of make your feet look weird! To make a long story short we will just say that these shoes are too serious and boring, square-toed shoes are the new way to go. These are way more trendy and stylish, not to mention way more comfortable! Nobody needs to have their feet uncomfortable squeezed into shoes that, let’s face it, are no longer in style.

4. Flats

Up next on shoe trends that were unlawfully popular and should not have been: Flats. Sure, these were cute when you were a child, but still wearing flats nowadays should just not be allowed. First of all, they can not possibly be comfortable given that they have no support and they also make your feet look weird. They are not conventional to walk around in, they give you no height or support, and they don’t add any style to an outfit. Loafers are what everybody is talking about right now as their go-to more formal shoe choice, and we are here for it. These are super sophisticated and also very easy to style in any way you’d like; whether you want to dress them up or just throw them on, you will look super chic either way. 2021 is the year for us to officially put uncomfortable flats behind us and wear loafers instead!

5. Doc Martens

Before you get too mad at us, we want to make a disclaimer that the next prospect on shoe trends that should never have happened, we mean the brightly colored or heavily patterned Doc Martens! In theory, ankle boots with lots of hues to select from are appealing. But, in the end, Doc Martens just don’t look right with an outfit; they’re either too strangely fitting on your feet or the rubber material paired with an overly neon color is just too much. Lug sole boots are the perfect substitute for these way-too-much Doc Martens; they are far more classy and blend in with any outfit much better. Doc Martens are a thing of the past, but lug sole boots aren’t a huge transition don’t worry; they’re just a lot more stylish!

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6. Knee High Sneakers

We need to have a long chat with whoever decided knee-high sneakers were a good idea to add to a shoe trends list; it baffles us that these were ever allowed. First of all, these shoes are undoubtedly not cute but above all, there is no way they are comfortable either. Who wants to take twenty minutes to lace up their shoes? We sure don’t! The thought of sneakers that run all the way up to your knees was a fashion faux pas that we don’t think we’ll ever be able to forgive; there’s no way to defend these. Retro-style shoes are a much superior alternative to these sneakers. These look very cool and trendy with any outfit, and they’re also a lot more comfy and stylish! Let’s try our very best to imagine this shoe trend never existed.

7. Intentionally Dirty Sneakers

There is something about sneakers that are intentionally dirty that just doesn’t sit well with us. Why are you paying an insane amount of money for sneakers that already look dirty, in an unnatural way? The whole idea just does not make any sense, and it does not even look good either! The dirtiness is so obviously phony that it just looks odd; we may be less opposed if they didn’t cost hundreds of dollars, but since they do, we’re adding them to our list of shoe trends that should have never existed. Instead, why not invest in a pair of more reasonably priced and incredibly gorgeous white sneakers that you can get naturally dirty in? White sneakers, such as Air Force 1, that grow soiled as you wear them, nonetheless look great with any outfit and aren’t too pricey.

8. Super Strappy Sandals

This is one of those shoe trends that we don’t love simply because of how inconvenient they are. Having to figure out how to perfectly wrap the straps around your ankle is exhausting, and quite frankly excessive. Recently, fashion has been a lot more simple in terms of what to wear and what not to wear; it really has to do with paying more attention to what is more convenient to you as opposed to what may be considered more fashionable. Although, we may argue that a bunch of straps snaking around your legs is not necessarily the most stylish form of footwear. Slide-on heeled sandals are far easier to put on and they are a chic addition to any outfit!  Start making your life easier and your fits cuter when you switch from super strappy to super simple. 

We hope that this list of shoe trends that should never have existed will inspire you to reconsider your footwear selections! Which shoe trend is your favorite? Let us know which shoes you’ll be sporting this season in the comments below!

Olivia Plotkin

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