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10 Shoe Organizer Ideas To Help Clean Up Your Dorm

10 Shoe Organizer Ideas To Help Clean Up Your Dorm

10 Simple Ways To Make Your Closet More Organized

Organizing your dorm room can seem like an impossible task, especially when you have so much stuff and so little space. If you’re on a mission to make more space, here are 10 shoe organizer ideas to help clean up your dorm room.

1. If You Have a Lot of Shoes and a Small Budget

If you have a lot of shoes, this five-level shoe organizer rack is both perfect and cheap so you can ball on a budget. It’s also easy to set up so you won’t need any help. Just stick this in your closet and voila`, no tripping over shoes anymore!


2. If You’re Worried About Damaging Your Shoes

If you have a lot of heels or nice shoes that can’t just be thrown in the back of your closet, this is one of the best shoe organizer ideas around. These adjustable shoe slots ensure that your heels and dress shoes will stay in perfect condition while saving precious dorm room space.

3. If You Just Need Some Basic Organization

If you just really need to clean up and don’t want anything too fancy, an over the door shoe organizer works like a charm. It’s a great way to maximize your floor space by getting all your shoes in one place. Also, this is the cheapest shoe organizer idea so it won’t hurt your wallet!


4. If You Have a Lofted Bed

Many dorm rooms have lofted beds, which gives you a lot of storage space underneath your bed. Taking advantage of this space is the perfect way to clean up the rest of your dorm room and it gives you enough space for multiple shoe organizer ideas.


5. If You Want Your Shoes Completely Out of Sight

If you want to be the queen of cleanliness and want your dorm room to be spotless, this shoe cabinet is perfect for you. It fits great in narrow spaces and walkways and keeps your shoes completely out of sight! Plus, with multiple colors to choose from, it will look great in any dorm room.

6. If You Really Have a Shoe Collection

If your shoe collection is your pride and joy, then you should show it off! This cubby shoe organizer idea is perfect for organization and displaying all your sweet kicks. This is one of the bigger options, so you may have to forgo some room space for this display, but if shoes are your one true love than it’s worth the sacrifice!

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7. If You Need More Seating Options Too

Since dorm rooms really require an economy of space, why not combine two ideas into one? This ottoman is a great place for your guests to sit when they visit your dorm room, and it can also hold up to twelve pairs of shoes so you get the best of both worlds. Say hello to style and organization!


8. If You Have a Lot of Boots

Boots require special storage so that they don’t lose shape or become damaged. This closet hanging system is perfect for keeping your boots looking perfect and takes them off the floor, giving you more space. The plastic covering also ensures that nothing will mess up your favorite boots.

9. If You Want to Display Your Shoes Artistically

This shoe tree is an original way to display your shoes and something that you probably won’t see in any other dorm rooms. Put it in the closet or in a corner so that you don’t have to look far to plan out what shoes to pair with your outfit. 


10. If You Think You Have Too Many Shoes

No one wants to admit that they have a shoe problem but sometimes you really do have too many shoes. If you want to really clean up your dorm room, it may be helpful to look through your shoes and donate what you don’t wear or want anymore. Plenty of places like Goodwill will gladly take your shoes and you’ll be helping someone in need! There’s no better way to clean up and do good at the same time.

Which shoe organizer ideas are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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