10 Shoe Organization Tips That Will Be A Life Saver For You

10 Shoe Organization Tips That Will Be A Life Saver For You

If you are still living in an apartment you know that your space if valuable and nothing takes up spaces like your shoes. Shoes. So many shoes. We need them even when we don’t need them and they seem to be never ending. If you are in the need to clean up your space try these organization tips to help get your footwear together.

10 Shoe Organization Tips That Will Be A Life Saver For You

1. Get Rid of the Ones You Don’t Wear

This is always the first step when it comes to organizing shoes, or anything really. I know some of us treat our shoes like they are our babies and could never imagine parting with them, but sometimes it is time to say goodbye. Take a look at all the shoes you own. Do you have pairs that you haven’t worn in the two weeks? How about a month? A year? While those pretty pumps are so adorable when you have an occasion to wear them, you are really just wasting your closet space.

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2. Get Them Cleaned, Polished, and Repaired

I know that you aren’t going to be able to get rid of all the shoes you don’t wear often and you shouldn’t, some shoes are really kept around for a special occasion. However, if the reason you are not wearing a pair is because there is something wrong with them, than fix it! They are not doing any good just sitting in your closet when they deserved to be repaired and worn. If there is just a little fix that is needed and you don’t want to put in the effort than you should refer back to number one on this list.

3. Keep Your Shoes Off the Floor

The reason why we need to store our shoes properly is because when they aren’t it becomes impossible to care for them properly. When we just throw them in a pile on the closet floor or the designated corner of the home, they are more likely to get scuffed up and ruined. You also have to deal with the craziness of throwing them all around just to find the ones you want. I know I tossed my slippers somewhere without thinking and now I can only find one. I can only assume that the other is lost forever. You need a good place for your shoes or they are as good as gone.

10 Shoe Organization Tips That Will Be A Life Saver For You

4. Avoid Wire Racks

While wire shoe racks are an easy pick up when you’re out they don’t store everything the way they should. Everything just get shoved in and stacked on top of each other until all your shoes just start falling off. They are also a nightmare for anything with a heel! Even though they can be pretty cheap and convenient they aren’t really worth the hassle.

5. Create Categories

A way to keep your shoes well organized is by separating them into categories. When you first start categorizing, simply separate them with what you wear and what you don’t wear. If you want to get more detailed than that you can organize them by style, season, color, or whatever works for you. Just as long as you have a system that works.

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6. Use Clear Bin Boxes With Lids

You could get regular plastic bins for storage if that’s how you want to keep your shoes together, but then you’ll never be able to see what is in what. You can always add some labels, but I think that just adds an unnecessary step. By using clear bins you’ll be able to see what you’re looking for right when you see it.  They are also easy to store while they are put away for a while.

10 Shoe Organization Tips That Will Be A Life Saver For You

7. Store The Fanciest Heels At The Top Of Your Closet

Your fanciest heels with all the rhinestones rarely see the light of day. While gorgeous, these shoes are more delicate and more likely to be damaged when they are tossed in with the rest of your collection. By keeping them up high on a shelf they’ll be safe. You can also place them in an artistic way so if ever you have a guest in your closet (for whatever reason) they will really be wowed with your organizing skills.

8. Store Boots Upright

Sometimes boots have the tendency to fall over depending on their length. To literally keep them in shape, fill them with old newspaper or magazines. When they are stored they will keep their shape and you won’t have to deal with breaking them in every fall when they are in season again.

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9. Make Use Of Unused Wall Space

We all have those spots on the wall where there is not really room for anything. Put that unused space to work by placing a few shelves that will be able to hold your best shoes. The placement will make grabbing a pair on the go so easy and you’ll never have to look under your bed again.

10 Shoe Organization Tips That Will Be A Life Saver For You

10. Get Creative With Where You Put Them

Shoes don’t have to be stored on racks or bins though. If you have some extra space that can be used to place your shoes then use them! It can be an ottoman, an old bookshelf, or even a pantry you’re not using. Just as long as it works for you. There really is no end to the creative spaces you can use for your shoes. As long as they aren’t dumped in like they are nothing you’ll be good to go.

Taking control and getting organized always comes with a hard first step. Once you get moving though, you will feel so much better out of the clutter. When you are done you will be looking for your next big project! So put your house shoes on and get your shoe organization on.
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