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Shaving Products Guys Don’t Know About

If you’ve been shaving for a while and have questions on how to deal with your razor burn or fiery post-shave skin, these products will help with that. If you’ve just begun to shave, I’ve laid out helpful and state-of-the-art shaving aids along your entire shaving process.

Moisturizers, toners and mists sound more like the contents of a woman’s medicine cabinet than they do as men’s shaving products. But shaving is an abrasive process. Taking care of your skin is an important habit to create once you get out into the real world and begin meeting and forging lasting relationships with people.

1. Shave Oil

Shave oil’s main purpose is to help your blade run smoothly through your hair, and lift your hair to get the closest shave possible. It also moisturizes your skin, as shaving is an abrasive movement on your skin. If you are new to shaving oil, try a less expensive oil and see how it works with your face. My recommendation is American Crew Ultra Gliding Shave Oil.

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2. A 5 Blade Razor

A razor with 5 blades will give you a closer shave than that of 4 and 3 blade razors. The science behind the shave is that after the first of the 5 blades cut through a hair, it also pulls the hair out of your skin, and before the hair has a chance to fall back into your skin, the next razor cuts that hair down further than before. This process is repeated for as many blades as there are on your cartridge. This may be an easy fix for guys irritated about shaving so frequently. Gillette is a company I trust, and their G5 5 blade razor starts at just $7.

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3. Toner

When you drop your toner on a cotton ball and wipe it down your face immediately after shaving, you remove excess oil, hairs and shaving cream from your pores. This helps reduces ingrown hairs and razor burn. I used Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner on a cotton ball, and my razor burn reduced significantly.

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4. Post Shave Balm by Harry’s

For all men, it is important to moisturize our skin, even though we think it is a girl thing to do. Keeping your face moisturized tells your body that your skin does not need oil, and your pores will thus secrete less oil. I use Harry’s moisturizer religiously after every time I shave. I only use a little for my face, under my neck and on my neck. I have been using this same $8 bottle for 6 months, and I shave three times a week. Considering the price for other moisturizers, Harry’s gives you a great deal for your money.

Dry skin? Apply the moisturizer before you go to bed, regardless if you shave.

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5. Post Shave Mist by Harry’s

Few companies have a comparable product to Harry’s Post Shave Mist. It will go further to cool your face after your shave. With calming botanicals that include mont, eucalyptus and tea tree, the mist hydrates your skin and removes the fiery irritation you may be used to. The mist should not be used in place of your moisturizer, as it is not a lotion. For best results, close your eyes and mouth and spray. Want personal advice? Feel free to reach out to me on Twitter and Instagram.

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Try any one of these products for a smoother feeling and looking complexion. Comment below with a caret (^) if you were convinced that men, too, should use moisturizers, toners and mists.

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