7 Shades Of Eye Shadow You Have To Try

eye shadow, 7 Shades Of Eye Shadow You Have To Try

Hide that nude palette your mom bought you when you were 12 years old, it’s time to get freaky. Since when is the last time you played around with your eye makeup? Trying out new patterns of eye liner can be fun, but it’s a pain to take on and off. Why not experiment with the color theory that is matching different shades of eye shadow to your skin?

1. Orange

For those of you who have tan skin or lighter eyes, especially of the blue disposition, orange eye shadow is the perfect way to draw attention up towards your eyes. Not only is it vibrant enough to make them pop, its unique enough that you’ll appear fashionable just by going off-trend. Try pairing this with orange nail polish and there’s one more look for when your outfit isn’t the ultimate highlight to your appearance. 

2. Red

Twenty One Pilots or you: Who did it better? The answer is of course you, obviously. Josh Dun doesn’t have a patent on red eye shadow, but know that going below the waterline will most likely result in making you look like an enthusiastic fan of indie music. Thick black eyeliner over heavy red eye shadow on your top lid is worth trying out as part of a darker look, like an outfit with plenty of black. Let your punk, MCR-loving heart show itself off via your blood colored eye shadow.

3. Pink

Break out that blush, there’s no point in using actual pink eye shadow. While most shades of pink shadow are full of glitter and are pigmented to be light, blush has the advantage of being both non-glittery and an obnoxious neon color. With an outfit full of denim, obnoxious pink on the waterline is just what your eyes need to correspond with your style. 

7 Shades Of Eye Shadow You Have To Try

4. Blue

Green and hazel eyes listen up, blue eye shadow is going to change the game. White or silver shiny in the inner eye, metallic blue eye shadow on the majority of the lid, and dark brown in the crease. This is going to be your saving grace of style. The combination blue with dark brown or grey is going to give you a heavy party look that won’t blind, but will still manage to stand out amongst the shades of your clothes.

5. Gold

If you haven’t tried gold eye shadow yet, you aren’t living your fullest life. What other makeup concoction could give you the distinct impression that you resemble a Greek goddess in real time? Highlighter, perhaps, but you can always try both. This also pairs well with black eyeliner, especially when the eyeliner begins at the very inside crease of your eyelid for a catlike look. 

7 Shades Of Eye Shadow You Have To Try

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6. Purple

It may seem difficult to match with other shades, but purple actually blends well with a myriad of other colors. This includes, but is not limited to: Bronze, silver, dark brown, wine red, white, and yellow. Unless you’re going for a 2009 scene look however, this shade of eye shadow is better saved for an outfit that doesn’t consist of black clothing for the majority of the look. Remember to try blending the purple with shades from lighter palettes, such as a light pink and teal in order to find interesting combinations. 

7. Black

Back to the basics, it’s time to turn that smokey eye into a bonfire of fashion devastation. I digress, why don’t we skip the dramatics and admit that black eye shadow looks awesome on everyone? Whether it’s above the waterline or below, smudged or carefully applied, black eye shadow has this punk feel to it that other colors won’t give you. Try a black shade sometime, and tell me you don’t feel like a teenager bearing your heart. 

7 Shades Of Eye Shadow You Have To Try

What shades of eye shadow do you prefer to use?

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