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Shabby Chic Gift Guide

Shabby Chic Gift Guide

For the Foodie


Every girl who spends some time in the kitchen needs…no, deserves, an apron. Experimenting with different recipes can get messy, so why not give your little kitchen queen something that’s not only practical, but super cute as well!


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Oven mits

If she does any sort of baking, oven mits are a must – who cares about burnt dessert – no one wants to eat a batch of gooey snicker doodle cookies with a burnt hand! (And not to mention these styles will compliment her shabby chic-decked out kitchen very nicely.) and



Recipe holder

Give your food-lovin’ lady a place to store all those recipes she’s accumulated over the years. Or for those girls lacking in the recipe department; here’s an idea – compile recipes you’d think she’d love and create an adorable DIY cookbook!

For the Fashionista


Can you really go wrong with a tote? Whether she uses it to carry home groceries, to pack her lunch in, or as her everyday purse; if you give her one of these tres chic purses…she’ll “totes” love it!



Vintage Clothes

If shabby chic is her thing, it’s very likely she’s into vintage…vintage everything. Go to your local thrift store and search for clothing items you think she’ll love. Check out online boutiques that offer one of a kind products too!


Phone Case

An outfit isn’t complete without the perfect iPhone case…right? Okay maybe not, but an adorable phone case is a great addition! To stick with the shabby chic style, look for something with pastel colors and cutesy patterns or pretty jewels.



For the Beauty Queen

Cosmetic Bag

What’s a beauty queen to do without a makeup bag? For those ladies obsessed with makeup, chances are they have a lot of it. So give them a place to store it – preferably one that doubles as a decoration. For a quick and easy DIY idea, you can recycle tin cans to be used as makeup bush holders. Simply wrap them in a shabby chic inspired material and line the edges with strands of pearls.



Hair Accessories

Just because it’s bed time doesn’t mean you can’t still look incredibly chic and put together. Get your girl a dainty headband that she can wear around the house and keep those pesky stray hairs out of her face.


Similar to my clothing suggestion, vintage jewelry is your best bet. Thrift stores or websites like Etsy are great options to find perfectly unique designs.


Shower caps

Hear me out. For those days when your diva needs to protect her blowout from the shower’s harmful moisture, a shower cap is actually a great gift. Plus, there are tons of incredibly cute options that make you feel a little less silly while wearing it!



For the Hostess


The best way to add that shabby chic touch to any home is with pillows – lots and lots of pillows! Any good hostess knows that the comfort of their guest is key, so pillows are a must. Of course, stick to that pastel color palette, and don’t be afraid to experiment with different patters. In fact, the more patterns, the better!

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Providing guests with clean towels is essential, but providing them with cute clean towels is an added bonus! Deck out your lady’s bathroom with towels that help bring together that shabby chic vibe. Or stock up on kitchen towels – it’s these finishing touches of a room that really pull the whole look together.




If she loves to host parties, then she more than likely knows a thing or two about stationary. Invitations? Thank you letters? Grocery lists? She’s got more than enough to write down, so why not give her something cute to scribble it on!



Tea Time!

If a tea party with quaint little tea cups and dainty floral napkins doesn’t scream shabby chic to you, than I don’t know what would. Provide her with the makings of the perfect tea party, a unique gift that is sure to please! Who knows, maybe she’ll even invite you over for tea and some delicious scones!




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