6 Sexy Things You Should Bring Into the Bedroom With You

Sometimes we can forget that we need time to ourselves with busy schedules, kids if you have them or just life in general. Things tend to pass you by and you find yourself enjoying little of it and your love life shouldn’t suffer because of it. Here are 6 ways to try sexy things in the bedroom and make things riveting.

1. Everyone can use a little something to spice up their love life, to keeps things sexy and fun with these sexy things in the bedroom!

Always a fun and sexy things in the bedroom with you is a mask of some sort. Allowing your eyesight to be masked can heighten your other senses and bring them to their full potential. Being masked can allow you to take in the sensuality of the moment to sit back and enjoy.

2. Handcuffs are always a classic

When it comes to being seduced in the bedroom, and you can always spice it up with some steel ones or sexy furry ones. This kinky fun can lead you into submission with no questions asked! Handcuffs can allow you and your partner to each partake in dominance, while enjoying the aspects from each side of your roles.

If you are into getting a little rough, or at least willing to try, a whip can sure do that for you. Being spanked around a little has never hurt anyone when trying sexy things in the bedroom, right? Being in the bedroom is supposed to be fun and enjoyable and if you are not getting that, then being whipped into shape would be the way to go.

Pasties bring in a sense of captivity to your look while being in the bedroom. Pasties come in many different shapes and sizes. You can get real interesting with all the different pasties, there are pasties with tassels, chains, glow in the dark, spinning, the list could go on and on. You can wear the pasties under something or not, your choice! Another fun addition to some pasties would be vibrating ones as well to really spice things up.

3. Your lingerie is always something to bring that is sexy with you.

Lingerie has endless possibilities for you to dress up sexy and feel confident, this can be for your own damn self or to be able to tease your partner with as well. A little tease never hurt anyone, plus your lingerie could look even better on the floor. For some real lingerie fun, sexy things in the bedroom, there are always the bold crotch less and ass less ones that offer minimum work but pack in a bold punch!

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Last but not least, music is about as sensual as you can get. Finding the right music to set the tone can be crucial. A sing can really get you into the mood or pull you farther away. Vibe setting can be very important if you are looking to shake things up by trying new things and bringing new moves to the bedroom. Music brings people together, so this is something you can your partner can partake in together in finding the right album. If you are on a solo journey, picking your fav tracks will make it that much more enjoyable!

4. Enjoying yourself is essential

Not only you but for your partner as well, because if only one person is into it, you’re probably not going to get very far. It’s okay and encouraged to experiment in the bedroom, however you may want that to be and sometimes that can be hard but by making the right setting and given the right ambiance, the use of these fun things can make for a great night.

What are some sexy things in the bedroom that you have tried? Let us know in the comments below!

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Hillary Reilly

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