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7 Sexy Shorts To Spice Up Your Summer

Spring has sprung which means summer is upon us! Before you know it the days will be long, and the sun will shine brightly in the clear summer skies. The best way to prepare for summer is to update your wardrobe! Get ready for the warm weather and spice up your look with some sexy shorts! From denim shorts to bike shorts to short overalls, there’s a smoking hot pair of shorts to keep you looking great but feeling cool and comfortable all at the same time! Here’s a list of seven of the sexiest shorts of the 2021 summer season!

1. American Eagle Ne(x)t Level High Waisted Denim Short Shorts

American Eagle is a tried and true classic when it comes to modern young adult fashion. No matter what season it is, you’re sure to find something flirtatious and contemporary to add to your wardrobe. Summer 2021 proves to be no different! With seemingly endless options to choose from, this pair comes from their “Short Short” collection, which essentially just means the shorts are super short! What better way to look subtly sexy than to wear a nice pair of high-waisted, leggy denim shorts. Featuring a super short ragged cut, these shorts have extra long floral patterned pockets that hang slightly below the cuff of the shorts for a totally unique look.

You can order these super cute denim shorts from American Eagle for $59.95!

2. Free People Loving Good Vibrations Cutoffs

Free People is one of the most popular clothing brands for young women. Designed for the free spirit, all of Free People’s clothes are meant to be special and unique, and help their wearer in expressing themselves freely and honestly. This pair of cutoff shorts is no different. Made to look vintage, each pair of Free People’s Loving Good Vibrations shorts is one of a kind. The ends are frayed, giving the cutoffs an especially distressed look, and giving them just enough length to cover up your behind. Look sexy and feel free in these Free People cutoffs!

You can order these Loving Good Vibrations cutoffs from Free People for $68.00!

3. Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Recycled Lee Mom Short

Urban Outfitters has some of the cutest clothes men and women in their twenties can buy. Whether you’re looking for something modern, something more 80s or 90s inspired, or something totally pop culture-based, Urban Outfitters has something for you. In this case, Urban Outfitters has decided to recycle old clothing, and design something new and special to be loved all over again. These Lee mom shorts have been upcycled from vintage Lee jeans, so once again, every single pair is unique and no two pairs will ever be exactly alike. Styled like a slightly oversized mom short, these Urban Renewal shorts are summer-ready!

You can order these one-of-a-kind Lee upcycled jean shorts from Urban Outfitters for $49.00!

4. Forever 21 Strappy-Panel Biker Shorts

Forever 21 is perhaps the most affordable clothing brand on the list, and it may just be one of the most comfortable as well. Forever 21 is known for it’s huge (and I mean HUGE) collection of some young men’s, but mostly young women’s clothing, all of which is priced reasonably and made to look either totally vintage or totally modern. These particular biker shorts are modern in design, as they feature a sleek and simple black color, with a sexy strappy panel down the side of each pant leg. Made to be skin-tight and stretchy for biking, these are some seriously sexy shorts!

You can order these sexy biker shorts from Forever 21 for just $17.99!

5. Revice Denim Matchmaker Love At First Sight Shorts

Revice Denim is a denim company that is dedicated to creating denim jeans and apparel the way that denim was made decades ago. You can still find 2o, 30, 40-year-old jeans on the thrift store rack that look and feel comfortable and durable, because that’s how they were made to be. Today’s denim simply isn’t the same, and Revice is on a mission to change that. This “Matchmaker” pair of denim shorts is put together with pieces of vintage jeans that have been recycled and reconstructed to make each pair of these unique shorts! High-waisted and booty-hugging, these denim dreams are a pair of super sexy shorts!

You can order these Matchmaker shorts from Revice Denim for $39.20 while they’re still on sale!

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6. Garage Super-luxe Shorts

Garage is a brand that specializes in making you look and feel your absolute best. In fact, when they release new products, they’ll often use customer photos to promote their products, so in a way, anyone can be a model when they wear Garage’s clothing! This particular pair of shorts is made with nylon and viscose, which means they’re super stretchy and super soft, perfect for any casual summer day. Available in four colors: beach sand, serenity blue, fall gray mix, and woodsmoke brown, each of which is also available as a matching cropped short-sleeve cardigan, so you can rock the ultimate sexy summer look!

You can order this adorable set, featuring the Super-luxe shorts from Garage for $29.95 for each piece!

7. Venus Lounge Short Overalls

Venus is a women’s fashion brand that is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, which should tell you everything you need to know about how gorgeous their clothes are. This particular pair of shorts are actually stylized as a pair of overalls, but instead of being made with hard, rough, and sometimes unmoving denim, these are made with cotton and polyester. The softer fabric also allows for a dreamy tie-dye design, which is unique to every pair, as it is done naturally, by hand. These gorgeous overalls are certainly a pair of sexy shorts that should make you feel like an absolute goddess!

You can order these Lounge Short Overalls from Venus for just $32.99 while the sale lasts!

Which pair of these sexy shorts will you be wearing to spice up your summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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