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10 Sexy Sext Messages That Will Make His Jaw Drop

10 Sexy Sext Messages That Will Make His Jaw Drop

Sexting is a great way to either feel closer to your significant other or have fun with someone you just met. Considering that we are in the middle of a global pandemic sexting is even more useful than ever. Though sending sexy pictures to each other is also a way to get intimate your words are just as important. After all, letting him know what you want to do to him and what you want him to do to you can be a much bigger turn on than just a picture. Though sexting can sometimes get awkward, remember to always stay yourself! After all, sexting is what you make of it. To really make him bite his lip and lose his mind here are 10 sexy sext messages that you should send him when feeling frisky. 

1. “I want to feel you  press against me”

There is nothing like a little tease before you dive into dirtier stuff. Describe how badly you want to feel his body pressing against you. Also describe what you would do about it: grind on it, stroke it, sit on it. This mix of straightforwardness and teasing will make him lose his mind. After getting this sext message, I doubt he will be able to focus on anything else but you. 

2. “I want to get on my knees for you”

What’s hotter to a man than a woman on her knees? This sexy sext message will make him picture you standing on your knees in front of him, and I doubt he’ll be able to shake that thought off for a while. After all, who can resist that?  


3. “I am so wet for you”

Letting him know how excited you are is going to make him even harder than he probably already is. Describe to him how he is turning you on and what you’re feeling at the moment. You can also say something like “you are driving my body crazy” or “I just want to feel you all over me”. These sext messages will let him know just how badly you want him. 

10 Sexy Sext Messages That Will Make His Jaw Drop

4. Use his name

Saying his name will remind him of how special he is to you and how badly you want just him. Say his name during foreplay and when things start to progress. What’s even better is if you say his name when letting him know how good he makes you feel or how crazy he drives you. “__, it feels so good to think about you on top of me”, “I want you,__”, “__, give it to me”, etc. Those are just a few ways how you can incorporate his name while sexting. 


5. “I am craving your touch tonight”

Besides letting him how turned on you are you can also let him know what you want. You can be as straightforward or as blurry about this as you wish. Don’t be afraid to experiment! You can simply tell him how badly you want him or be dirtier and more direct. Remember to stay yourself while sexting and only go as far as you’re comfortable. Overall, just letting him know how badly you want, miss or need him will most likely have him thinking about you all day and all night (and maybe even in his dreams). 

6. “I want to feel your lips all over my body”

This sext messages will make him think about your body and how much he loves it. Even more than that he’ll be picturing how hot it would be to be all over you. If you’re feeling frisky you can even send him a sneak peak. However, remember to only send risky pictures to somebody you trust and feel comfortable with! Overall, this little sext message will leave him breathless picturing your body and his lips all over you.

10 Sexy Sext Messages That Will Make His Jaw Drop


7. “I want to ride you”

This one will most likely make him drop his phone, grab his keys, and drive through a red light to see you. This sext message is a perfect mix of taking control and at the same time giving it to him. After picturing you on top of him it’ll be hard for him to focus on anything else besides that for the whole day. 

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8. “You make me orgasm like no one else does”

This one will give him a little confidence boost. Describe what exactly he does to make you feel so good. Do you love it when he grabs your hips? Does it turn you on when he kisses your neck? Does it drive you crazy when he moans your name when he’s orgasming? Tell him all the hot details about what makes you orgasm the most and feel him melt through the phone.  

10 Sexy Sext Messages That Will Make His Jaw Drop

9. “I want you to take control tonight”/”I want to take control over you tonight”

This one depends on what you two are into! If he is into taking control, and you are into giving it to him then sending him something like “I want you to control me tonight” will blow his mind. Vice versa, if you enjoy taking control then letting him know that you’ll be in control will make him want to give right in. Whatever you two are into always make sure to check each other’s boundaries and let each other know what you are and aren’t into. By communicating that to each other you’ll be able to please each other better and have fun. 

10. “I am already touching myself to the thought of you”

This little tease will make him absolutely lose his mind. Describe to him what exactly you are doing when thinking of him and his body. Let him know how hot you are for him and he’ll be hooked.

Keep in mind that sexting is all about how comfortable you are with each other! Therefore communicate to your partner what you like and don’t like and ask him to share with you what he is into as well. Also remember that sexting involves a lot of trust!