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20 Sexy New Years Eve Outfits For 2020

New Years Eve is just around the corner. That means New Years Eve parties are coming up! It’s going to be 2020, the start of a new decade. You have to start the year off on a high note. It’s going to finally be your year. So, here are 20 sexy New Years Eve outfits to wear to bring in the new year with a bang: 

1. Pretty in pink.

Embrace that femininity this New Years Eve. You can look pretty in pink with a gorgeous pink, fluffy jacket and pink skirt. You’ll not only look pretty, you’ll look sexy, too. Show off those legs! Pink looks amazing with all skin tones, you seriously can’t go wrong. If you aren’t really a fan of pink, but want to try some new things, New Years Eve is the best time to finally throw on a bold, pink outfit. Get it girl!

Try this look: 

2. Sequin plunge crop top.

Any plunge top is bold and sexy. However, since it’s New Years Eve, a sequin plunge crop top is only necessary. You’ll be able to stand out, and you’ll look sexy doing it. Wear a bold jacket and some high-waisted pants with your sequin plunge crop top for the ideal New Years Eve outfit. All eyes will be on you!

Try this look:

3. Tube top with high-waisted distressed jeans.

If you are wanting a simple sexy New Years Eve look, then a simple tube top with high-waisted distressed jeans will surely fit your fancy. It’s not too bold, but it’s still sexy enough to make sure you’re going into 2020 with a bang. If you are just going to a little kick back for New Years Eve, you won’t look too flashy, you’ll look perfect.

Try this look:

4. Leopard print slip dress.

A slip dress offers a subtle, effortless look. If you are wanting to look sexy this New Years Eve, but don’t want to come off flashy, a leopard print slip dress will do the job. You will be able to look sexy, but subtle. You won’t come off too bold, but the leopard will still make you stand out at the party.

Try this look:

5. Edgy knee-high boots with a rocker tee.

If you feel like looking a little edgy this New Years Eve, a great sexy look is knee-high boots with a long rocker tee. You could make this outfit look soft with some lighter colors, but edgy is sexy and that’s what we’re going for here. Add a pair of fishnets for an even sexier look.

Try this look:

6. Red pantsuit.

If your New Years Eve celebration is a little more formal, but you don’t want to be traditional and wear a dress, a red pantsuit is calling your name. Red is the boldest color of all, so you won’t be out shined by anyone with a red pantsuit. Not to mention, they are extremely sexy and make you look sophisticated, truly the best of both worlds.

Try this look:

7. Short bodycon dress.

If you aren’t afraid to show off that sexy body of yours, then wear a mini bodycon dress this New Years Eve. It’ll accentuate your curves perfectly. Wear a bold color like red, pink, or orange to really stand out. Start your 2020 off on a sexy note.

Try this look: 

8. Little black dress.

Nothing is sexier than the little black dress. So, if you are wanting to look sexy this New Years Eve, wearing a little black dress is the way to do it. It’s sleek, it’s stylish, it’s sexy. You really can’t go wrong with a little black dress. 

Try this look:

9. Mesh top.

Maybe you want to look a little more scandalous as well as sexy. A mesh top is a great way to do that. Wear a matching bra or bandeau underneath a mesh top for a stylish, sexy look. You’ll definitely stand out in the crowd.

Try this look:

10. Corset top with jeans.

Corset tops are sexy and form fitting, but they are a little hard to style with. However, they look adorable with a pair of high-waisted jeans. For this New Years Eve outfit all you need to o is where the corset top, high-waisted jeans, heels, and a fun necklace. It’s sexy, but extremely simple to put together. 

Try this look:

11. Sequin skirt with subtle top.

A sequin skirt is certainly flashy, but you can easily make it just as sexy. If you pair the skirt with a deep v top, you’ll definitely have heads turning. Keeping the top subtle while having the flashy bottoms is the perfect combo for the New Years Eve. 

Try this look:

12. Little red dress.

It’s not all just about the little black dress, there’s the little red dress too. Now, the little red dress may not be as sophisticated, but it’s just as sexy. The boldness of the red and the sleekness of the dress will have you getting compliments from 2019 all the way to 2020! This is definitely an outfit you won’t regret.

Try this look:

13. Leather mini skirt with thigh high boots.

A leather mini skirt? I think yes. Wearing leather anything is a major statement, but a leather skirt, I don’t even have words for. It’s so sexy, it’s so sleek, and it’s just so what you need for New Years Eve. If you have been dreading trying to figure out what to wear to a New Years Ever party, it’s time to stop. A leather skirt with thigh high boots is what you need. 

Try this look:

14. Satin drape neck top with jeans.

Anything satin in unbelievably sexy against anyone’s skin. Drape neck tops are simple, but stylish. When you mix the two, you get a satin drape neck top, which just spells sexy. Pair one of these tops with a pair of jeans and you have an effortless sexy look for New Years Eve.

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Try this look:

15. Sweatshirt and mini skirt.

You may be thinking, “What is the word ‘sweatshirt’ doing in an article about sexy New Years Eve outfits?” Well, I’m here to tell you that you can make a sweatshirt look sexy. You just have to simply wear it with a cute mini skirt. Mini skirts are always sexy. You may be wondering how in the world those two items look good together, but they seriously work so well together. Plus, the sweatshirt offers major comfort.

Try this look:

16. A lace top.

Wearing a lace top is about as close as you can get to wearing lingerie in public. Therefore, it’s perfect for a New Years Eve party. It’s certainly sexy, so you’ll be turning heads in this too, there is no doubt about that. 

Try this look:

17. Sequin romper.

Dresses are pretty and all, but if you seriously want to dance your heart out this New Years Eve, a romper is the way to go. They show off your legs for the perfect sexy look, but they’re so perfect to move around in. A sequin romper is festive, bold, and of course sexy. 

Try this look:

18. Snakeskin skirt with black top.

New Years Eve is the best time to let your wild side out. You can do that and look sexy with a snakeskin skirt. Since a snakeskin skirt is so bold, you just have to wear a simple black top of your choice with it. You’ll look trendy and ready to party.

Try this look:

19. Jean jacket with all black.

Wearing all black with a jean jacket is a look. A sexy look, to be exact. It must be included in this list because it’s sexy and because the jean jacket will be able to keep you warm during the outdoor festivities. This is a stylish and functional look. 

Try this look:

20. A sparkly dress.

The best had to be saved for last. A sparkly dress is the perfect sexy New Years Eve outfit. You can show off your long legs, or accentuate all your curves with a bodycon dress. The sparkles will have everyone looking at you instead of the ball dropping. Their jaws will be dropping!

Try this look:

You’ll definitely be able to look sexy this New Years Eve. You’ll ring in the new year on a high note.

What sexy outfits do you have planned for New Years Eve?

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