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10 Sexy Makeup Looks You Need To Try This Valentine’s Day

10 Sexy Makeup Looks You Need To Try This Valentine’s Day

Bring your va va voom to Valentine's Day with the perfect sexy makeup looks. Here are 10 unique looks, cupid approved.

As Valentine’s Day approaches rapidly girls everywhere scramble to find a perfect makeup look to accentuate their beauty – and depict their V-day vibe. Whether you hate the holiday and are proudly solo, or have a long-term crush you want to woo, there is a look perfect for you.

1. Smolder and smite

If cupid makes you cringe and you detest the candy hearts and teddy bears that haunt this holiday, this look is for you. Rock a smudged and smokey eye for a look that says, “love isn’t real”.

Go with a light foundation and minimal contouring, paired with a nude peachy lip to accentuate your eye drama. If you’re comfortable with a wing, draw one out and smudge the lower lash line with a matte black shadow and pencil brush.


2. Subtle glam

If V-day is nothing but another excuse to get dressed up and go out for you, test out your hand with this subtle glam look.

Use rose-toned eyeshadow, wispy lashes and a pink glossy lip to complement this look. Don’t be afraid to dab on some extra eye-popping highlight to your brow arch, cheekbones, inner eye and nose for glowy glamour.

3. Angel of love

If you aren’t a fan of glam but want to bring out some Valentine’s Day va-va-voom, try out a simple eye with daring red lip.


Use neutral-toned shadows to subtly contour your eye shape, and brush and define your brows to add some emphasis around the eyes. Line your lips and use a matte lacquer that can last all night long.

4. Vampy V-Day Glam

Want the glamour without too much glitz? Try out this bold eye and vampy lip for a V-day look that is both sleek and sophisticated. Careful though, your date might want you to bite them.

Ditch your shimmer shadows and stick to matte Burgundy shades to define the outer v-shape of your eye. Draw on a bold wing and pop on some falsies for added drama. Pair this daring eye with a deep maroon lip.


5. Fresh faced

For those who despise a contoured cheek or winged eyeliner, keep your makeup simple yet stunning with a soft peachy look. Cupid would be silly to not shoot you with his arrow.

Softly blend a warm brown shadow around the lid and underneath the lower lash line. Opt for little to no foundation and a peachy wash of blush over the apples of your cheeks. Complete this look with a pop of highlight on the Cupid’s bow and in the inner corner of the eyes.

6. Rose petal pout

For a glowy yet soft glamour that even makeup novices can ace, try this V-day look.


Mix liquid highlight into your foundation and add on some extra dew onto the bridge of the nose and cheeks. A simple yet chic wash of rose pink over the eyes and cheeks makes you look like a fresh-faced flower.

7. Radiant romantic

If you have an aversion to any and all makeup, this one’s for you. Draw attention to your natural beauty with a soft blush, pink nude lip and swipe of mascara.

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8. Eye love you

Keep it cute and creative with this winged eyeliner detail.

Use a matte red liquid liner to create your wing, and define the eye shape slightly with neutral toned eyeshadow. Add a small heart with the same eyeliner on the outer edge of one of your eyes. This unique look can be paired with a deep red lip or a subtle nude.

9. Pink persuasion

Like a daring look and want to show your sweet side? This pink glam paired with a sleek cut crease is for you makeup junkies who like a good challenge.


Start with a sheer wash of color all over the lid, and layer on deeper shades of pink, starting at the lash line. With a thin synthetic concealer brush, cut your crease carefully above the lines to prevent it from disappearing.

Bring your blush up to your temples and use a heavy hand with some rose-toned highlighter for this ethereal glow.

10. Call me Cupid

If Cupid shot your date and you trust your hand at some glittery glam, this look is perfect for you.


Start with a subtle mauve base, and layer darker shadow on top until you have the depth and darkness you desire. Add a pop of pink and rose glitter to the lid with a flat synthetic brush or fingertip, and pair with a bright pink lip that screams “kiss me!”

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