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8 Sexy Lingerie Sets That’ll Make Your S/O Weak

8 Sexy Lingerie Sets That’ll Make Your S/O Weak

Are you looking for sexy lingerie sets that will make your s/o weak? We have selected the best looks for bras and underwear that you will love.

Every woman likes to feel sexy in front of her S/O, no matter what does the trick. Maybe it’s being in good shape. Maybe it’s just the way they look at you. But if you’re looking for something to really leave them speechless in the bedroom, check out these sexy lingerie sets. They won’t know whether to rip them off of you or make you keep them on.

Floral Lace and Dot Mesh Babydoll 

The baby doll style slip is a classic when it comes to lingerie. This version adds a sexier twist by adding a see-through mesh bottom to the classy lace top. Victoria’s Secret is my go to for all lingerie needs. They may have higher prices, but they never fail to deliver on quality and comfort. Plus, they always have great sales if you keep an eye out.


Caught My Attention Teddy

Teddys are the next level of lingerie. They’re form-fitting and straight to the point. This teddy from Fashion Nova just happens to be completely made of fishnet, leaving very little to the imagination. A piece like this will for sure drive your SO wild, if he doesn’t just pass out on first sight.

Polly Lace Lingerie Set

Here’s another one of the sexy lingerie sets for those who love a suspender style. This piece of lingerie is oh-so tight and lacey that will cling to all your pretty curves. The fabric is see through just enough to give your S/O a taste of what’s to come, until they’re practically begging. It’s on the more expensive side, but something tells me it could be worth it.


Pretty Little Thing Set

Here’s another great PLT pick if you’re looking for statement sexy lingerie sets. The delicate lace goes with whatever skin tone. It’s a light and classy style perfect for those who want to feel sexy, but with a little less drama. There’s no ignoring that deep plunge and those high-cut legs.


Lace Lingerie Set

If you spent many of your formative years watching Gossip Girl, longing to be like Blair Waldorf, this is the lingerie pick for you. Most of us don’t have the money to live like that, but with this lingerie set from Pretty Little Thing, you can get a taste of the sweet life.

Oh La La Cheri Plunging Crisscross Front Teddy

Here’s another fun teddy option from the forever addicting Forever 21. This lace number in a sexy bright pink comes with ribbons to crisscross all over your skin peeking out from that deep plunge neckline. And your S/O will be searching for how to undo it.

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Laced in Motion Robe

This robe is all about the production. Why else would you wear something designed to cover up made from a fabric you can see all the way through? You’ll feel incredible in this full-body lace, and your S/O will definitely get a kick out of untying those sexy front ribbons to watch it all drop to the floor.


Chantilly Lace and Satin Slip

This satin number has the slick fabric one typically expects from a slip with all the sex appeal of lingerie. The light fabric isn’t see through like many of the other choices, but it clings to the body with plenty of suggestion. Meanwhile, the top is constructed of a sexy, sheer lace. It’s game over for your S/O. Whether it’s for an extra bit of your S/O’s attention or your own confidence in the bedroom, these lingerie pieces will satisfy all your sexy needs, and make you look great in the process. Invest in one of these quality pieces while they’re available, and remind him or her just how lucky they are.


Which of these sexy lingerie sets are you going to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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