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10 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before

10 Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas You Haven’t Seen Before

Time to turn up! Here are some costume ideas to help you achieve your goal of being the nudest/sexiest dressed.

Are you trying to do the most this Halloween with a tricked out sexy costume? I’m not judging you. Heck if you’re young and feeling brave why not? Time to turn up! Here are some costume ideas to help you achieve your goal of being the nudest/sexiest dressed. Make sure you have somewhere to go to match your theme though, because you might be dressed too erotically to hang at a parade or regular house party in any of these.

A Baywatch Barbie/Ken

Still have your summer body from the months before? Good. Then you can totally rock this costume idea. Find an orange reddish uniform style bathing suit just like those worn by the girls on Baywatch. Add a red and white striped life saver donut and you’ll look official. This is definitely a sexy Halloween costume idea you haven’t seen around. You can even dye your hair blond and grab some extensions too. Totally sexy cos-play.

A girl in a baywatch style swimsuit

A Stripper

If you’ve got the moves to do this then you can definitely pull off a sexy stripper for Halloween. You’ll probably need a trench coat to get you to the party though. Not everyone’ll be accepting of dangling tassles, see through g-strings, or jockey shorts. You will be the sexiest dressed in this Halloween costume. I will admit, it’s such an opportunistic idea.

A woman standing in platforms by a pole

A Swimsuit Model

I’m sure you’re seeing that the point here, is to be wearing as little as possible. Dress up like your favorite swimsuit model this Halloween. Who says adults can’t take advantage of this holiday. I say life becomes more entertaining the older you get. You can be whatever you dream of and this Halloween costume is definitely one of the sexiest things you can be. Go the extra mile to make sure you look exactly like your dream model:  makeup, hair, pose, attitude. I’m sure this is a sexy Halloween costume idea you haven’t seen before.

A woman posing almost spookily in a swimsuit

A Sexy Super

Turn any superhero costume sexy by simply removing a few layers. A custom-made is even better. Think Catwoman leather black mini skirt, tube top, and eye mask. Or the same for Wonder Woman or Captain Marvel. Everyone’s seen a store bought superhero costume, but a custom-made sexy superhero Halloween costume would be a legit idea. There are a lot of ways you can swing this one especially if you’re crafty or good with makeup.

A woman with wonder woman face paint barely dressed

An Anime Character

Anime characters can be seen as totally exotic. So they’re a great theme idea if you’re trying for sexy Halloween costumes. Skip the usual school girl thing which is always expected of anime, and go kinky with some shiny, sparkly, plastic looking material for booty shorts and a matching top. The give away is in the eyes, though. If you know a good artist or are one yourself, you can paint up some anime eyes as is trending in makeup. Or, you can go with a really cute mask with your sexy bod. Definitely hawt.

An anime character cosplay

A Sexy Native Person

Dress up as an intriguing indigenous by sporting a faux leather top and bottom, custom-made or store bought costume. Add some beige or bronze sandals to add the barefoot effect, and also a traditional head piece. The trick to making it sexy is in how revealing, fitted, or natural it looks. If you’re brave enough you can go topless and wear a long haired wig. Use double-sided breast tape for dresses, to attach hair to breasts for coverage. This’ll definitely be a Halloween costume you haven’t seen before and very sexy depending on how you fashion it.

A woman with tribal body art paint

An Erotic Robot

A technical idea turned erotic. Think silver knee-pads, silver panty, and silver top. Very sexy. You can also add a helmet, head piece, or face mask for more effect. This’ll make a totally unique and sexy Halloween costume. Definitely an idea you haven’t seen before. But be careful with the color and the gear or you could end up looking a bit Star Wars-ish.

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A woman with silver face paint in a sexy dress

A Sexy Bride/Groom

This is a sweet and sexy costume idea for couples. If you’re going to an especially erotic Halloween party as a couple, this year, dress up as a sexy Bride and Groom and take the cake! Literally, bring a wedding cake. For the Bride a lacy white panty/shorts with garter straps, lacy white bra, corset, or bustier lingerie. And of course a bridal style tiara or veil (you can even go with one those old-fashioned caps with a floral side piece). For the Groom a sexy black, navy, or tuxedo printed jockey shorts worn with suspenders and a tie.

A bride with hands reaching upward

A Sexy Beast

You can still be ferocious and sexy at the same time with imitation claw marks on a revealed body, drippy blood and all. For the costume try something scraggly, stringy, or hairy looking. Then complete the sexy Halloween costume with beastly ears or a face mask. This is definitely a costume you haven’t seen before on Halloween. Not to this degree of sexy beastliness.

A girl wearing fur and no top laying on a bed of leaves also wearing albino lenses

A Sexy Treat

This last one is really sweet. An idea for a sexy Halloween costume you haven’t seen before, is a delicious piece of candy. You can do this two ways. Wear something colorful and striped and definitely glittery; or wrap only your private parts with shiny candy wrapper looking plastic (maybe wear colorful lingerie underneath). You can also decorate your bod with colorful or glittery body paint. This will be a totally sexy and unique costume. Add some lollipop chopsticks in your hair to crush it.

A girl licking her fingers eating cotton candy

What sexy Halloween costume idea are you going to flaunt? Let me know in the comments if you want to try one of these!
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