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10 Sexy-Edgy Songs To Listen To When You’re Feeling Hot

Whether you’re looking for music to listen to in the bedroom or just need something to boost your confidence and make you feel like a bombshell, these sexy songs are a perfect blend of edgy and sensual for those days when you’re feeling a little of both. These songs are listed in no particular order, but feel free to apply your own rankings once you’ve heard them!

1. “What Would Happen” By Meredith Brooks

An oft-overlooked song, even in the ’90s, “What Would Happen” is a wonderful ode to Meredith Brooks’ singing talent and deserves a trip down memory lane for anyone who forgot it existed or never heard it. The music video for this song pushes the theme of forbidden fantasy that runs through the lyrics. If you could capture sexual tension in a song, this one pretty much covers it.

2. “Sexual Hallucination” By In This Moment (Ft. Brent Smith)

Maria Brink of In This Moment pairs her smoky voice with Brent Smith of Shinedown in this sexy duet that manages to be both slow-burn and epic. Honestly, this is a song you could listen to just about anywhere. In the shower, on a jog, while working out in general, when you’re modeling your hot new dress in front of the mirror . . .  Probably not in public, though. I mean, you could. You’re either going to get interested looks or a “WTF” stare, so I say shrug and go for it.

3. “Redemption” By RIELL

This is one of those sexy songs that’s powerful and edgy in a way that makes you feel like you don’t need anyone to be a hot badass. With a villainess theme running throughout, it’s another perfect workout or general feel-good song. Or a “burn all your ex’s stuff and strut on the ashes” song. Hey, people have their own uses. I judge not.

4. “Shadow Preachers” By Zella Day

This one has enough anger saturating it that it hits the “edgy” mark easily, but it’s the chorus and the tone that earns it a place on the “sexy songs” list. What’s great about the lyrics is that they’re so dichotic, it can be a love song, a hate song, an independent song, an “I need you” song. It’s anger and longing and “F- you” all rolled into one nice angsty mashup that’s fun to dance to. Go for it.

5. “Flood” By Saltillo (Ft. Richard Walters)

This song has more of a chill dark indie vibe to it if you’re looking for a slower song that still manages to be sensual and edgy. Plus, in true indie fashion, it has lyrics you won’t find anywhere else; lyrics that are somehow poetic and strange and hot at the same time? Oh well, it works. “I want to watch you wreck all the paintings in my house as you run down my wall.”

Like I said: weird-sexy but it works. Maybe something you’d hear in a darkly romantic drama series that you won’t tell anyone you watch. Yeah, we’re onto you. Just enjoy it and feel hot.

6. “Eternity” By Rachel Taylor

This one is more painfully romantic if you focus on lyrics alone, but the tone and the music help to make this as edgy and sexy as “Shadow Preachers”—and with the same sense of dramatic longing that makes it a nice dance number, as well. Plus, Rachel Taylor’s voice is a lovely halfway point between smoky and melodic, much like Zella Day’s.

The takeaway? Listen to this when you’re feeling sappy, sad, romantic, sexy, angry, or all of the above. It’s that versatile.

7. “Closer” By J2 (Ft. Keeley Bumford)

So Ne-Yo’s “Closer” isn’t for everybody. It’s fun and fast-paced, but if we’re looking for “edgy-sexy songs” then it doesn’t quite cut it. But the epic music artist J2 got ahold of the song and made this gorgeous cover with singer Keeley Bumford.

And suddenly it’s dark and seductive and epic. I’m just waiting for someone to put this in a movie and enhance the crap out of a romantic scene. Until then, it’s a decent workout or dance song. Or shower song. Or sing to your cat off-key song. It’s all good.

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8. “Let Go” By Joseph William Morgan

Yet another darkly epic cover, “Let Go” is originally a song by Frou Frou that features in the movie Garden State. Artist Joseph William Morgan (also well-known for his epic music covers) created his own rendition of the song that transforms the fun, upbeat original into something edgy and romantic. It puts an entirely new twist on the lyrics.

Besides the new feel of the music, the lyrics send a good message. Life’s too short so just “let go” and enjoy it all.

9. “Almost Touch Me” By Maisy Kay

We’re back to one of our blatantly sexy songs with “Almost Touch Me” by Maisy Kay. There’s no subtle romanticism to this one, but it does achieve the same sexual tension as “What Would Happen,” because—c’mon—almost touch is sexual tension personified.

This song is also plain fun if you’re looking for something that’s to the point and fast-paced, yet with an edgy undercurrent. It’s hard not to feel hot when you’re listening to this.

10. “Warrior (Remix)” By Beth Crowley

This song comes from indie artist Beth Crowley who is known on YouTube for her original songs based off of popular young adult books. “Warrior” is based on the relationship between main characters Jace and Clary in the bestselling Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare (which is well worth a read, with or without the song).

The song itself stands on its own without reading the books. It’s dark, edgy, empowering, romantic, and a little seductive all at once, and it tells a story through the lyrics. If you don’t feel like a hot badass after this song, you can always give “Redemption” another listen while strutting around the house.

Which songs off this list were your favorites? What are your favorite sexy songs outside of this list? Tell us what they are and why you love them in the comments!

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