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20 Sexy Dresses For Your Next Night Out

20 Sexy Dresses For Your Next Night Out

We all deserve to look and feel sexy. After a long week of work, classes, or whatever you have going on, it is time to find a sexy dress and have yourself a relaxing and fun night out! Whether you are going to get drinks with your girls, going on a date night, have something to celebrate, or just simply feel like getting dolled up, there is sure to be a dress here for you! Here are 20 sexy dresses for your next night out.

1. Show Off Your Legs With An M-Slit

There is something about a woman’s leg that really gives off sex appeal. Sexy dresses with an m-slit are sure to have you looking and feeling your best. If you have a fancy dinner date or a special occasion to attend, this is a beautiful dress choice. Choose a dress in a red color to make this an even sexier look!

M-slit are sexy dresses that look really elegant for any occasion!

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2. For A Night Out In The City, Satin Is Sexy

Satin and sexy go hand-in-hand. This style dress really makes a statement and doesn’t require too much accessories to go along with it. Keep the look simple and you are sure to have all eyes on you!


Satin dresses are sexy dresses that are a statement piece!

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3. A Hot Date Is Perfect For A Deep Plunge

If you are someone who likes to show off a lot of skin, sexy dresses with a deep plunge are the choice for you. Especially when you are going on a hot date and really want to look your sexiest, this dress will be sure to impress.

Plunge dresses are cheap dresses that are perfect for date night!

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4. Show Off Your Back-Side With A Low Back Plunge

For the ladies who take pride in their back-side, choosing sexy dresses with a low back plunge will really help that feature stand out. Wearing your hair back with this style dress helps to really show off the open back and the plunge.

Low back plunge on sexy dresses gives off a simple but sexy look!

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5. Party In Sequins

No matter what the party is for or celebrating, a sequins dress is always a good option. Choosing a dress with just a little bit of sequins that isn’t too over the top is super sexy. Let the detail really do the talking and keep the accessories at a minimum.

Sequin dresses are sexy dresses that are perfect for any party!

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6. Let Your Wild Show Show With Bright Colors

Don’t be afraid to choose bright and bold colors! When choosing a bright dress it is fun to play with accessories and really show your personality through your outfit. Pick a dress that has a deeper plunge, cutouts, or a slit to really give off that sexy look.


Bright colored dresses are sexy dresses that can show off your fun side!

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7. Any Occasion Is Perfect For A Little Black Dress

Everyone knows the little black dress is the absolute go to when you are absolutely clueless and have no idea what you want to wear. If you are in a hurry and need to get ready quick, grab that sexy black dress!

Black dresses are simple but sexy dresses that are great for any occasion!

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8. Feel Like A Princess At The Ball

For the special occasions like a gala or a ball, a dress with detailing is the perfect choice. Feel like Cinderella for the night with a sexy gown like this one with pearl and lace detailing. The deep plunge, sheer on the side, and high-cut slit really make this dress super elegant and sexy.

Pearl and lace detail on make ball gowns sexy dresses that will have you looking like a queen!

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9. Red Is The Definition Of Sexy, Especially When It’s Strapless

Red dresses are known to be the sexy dresses of choice. The color alone really draws attention and the fact that it is strapless gives it even more sex appeal. With a dress like this, choose a nude or neutral pair of shoes and bag!

Red dresses are known to be sexy dresses no matter what the style!

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10. Floral For The Flirty Girl

Florals can be fun and flirty, but they also can be sexy too. Wearing a bodycon style dress with floral print is the perfect blend and is a super cute look. Add a gold arm cuff as an accessory.

Floral dresses are flirty and sexy dresses, perfect for the spring!

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11. Girl’s Night Out Is Perfect For Cutouts

A dress with cutouts is the easiest way to achieve a sexy look. This is a super cute look for when you are grabbing drinks with your girls.

Cutout dresses are sexy dresses that are perfect for girls night out!

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12. You Don’t Have To Show Off Too Much Skin

Showing off skin isn’t the only way to look sexy. You can achieve a sexy look without having to go over the top. A tight-fit lace dress with crochet detailing can be a super sexy look that is great for a lunch date or attending a special occasion.

Lace is perfect for any sexy dresses!

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13. Keyholes Show Off The Perfect Amount Of Skin

If you want to show off a little bit of skin, the keyhole is a great way to do that. With just a little bit of skin visible, it gives a tease to your outfit. For a more simple dress like this, you have room to play with accessories and can have fun adding bangles and bracelets.

Keyhole detail on sexy dresses really makes for a cute look!

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14. Embellishment For The Glam Girl

All about the glitz and glam life? An embellished dress is just your style! This look can be really sexy and fabulous for a night out to the club and you are sure to be a statement.

Embellished dresses are sexy dresses that are perfect for a night out to the club!

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15. The Barely There Dress

If you aren’t afraid to show off skin, then wearing a dress that has sheer, lace, and thin materials is a really sexy look. Wearing pasties or a bralette underneath a dress like this can help to cover up, unless you have confidence to let it all out…then go for it! This is as sexy as it gets.

Sheer and lace on sexy dresses show off tons of skin and have the ultimate sex appeal!

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16. Dinner To Drinks, A Cami Dress Does The Trick

Sometimes you want to wear sexy dresses that aren’t too sexy for dinner, but sexy enough to go out to the club after. A cami styled dress is perfect for that situation. Choosing a cami dress with cut-outs makes it a little more sexier.

Cami dresses are simple but sexy dresses that are great for dinner or drinks!

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17. Elegant Maxi Dress For Special Occasions

Wearing a sexy dress to a special occasion can sometimes be risky because you don’t want to be too reveling. Choosing an elegant maxi dress that is basic in design with a side slit is the answer. Add a cute statement necklace and keep the shoes at a neutral color.

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18. Warm Things Up With A Little Lace Dress

For the warm summer nights or if you’re away on vacation, a little lace dress is a sexy choice for going out. If it’s dinner or drinks at the bar, this dress is super cute and can be dressed up with a cute pair of tie up heels.


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19. The Goddess Look

Choosing a dress that is light-weight in material and flowy can give you that goddess-y look for the spring and summer. A long maxi dress with a deep plunge and high slit can be a really sexy look.

Get the goddess look with flowy sexy dresses!

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20. For A Simple But Sexy Look, Tie Up Is The Go-To

If you’re in a rush to get ready and don’t feel like getting over the top dressed up, a dress with tie up detailing can be perfect for you. Sometimes the tie up is in the front and sometimes it is in the back, either way it is a sexy detail that is sure to have you looking fab!

Tie up details make for a sexy dress for any occasion!

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Do you have any more suggestions for sexy dresses to wear for your next night out? Share in the comments below!

Here are some sexy dresses you need for your next night out!

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