20 Sexy Bikinis For Your Next Beach Day

20 Sexy Bikinis For Your Next Beach Day

Bikini shopping can be super stressful and it is something that we all struggle with. But, knowing what sexy bikinis work best for your body is key to getting that confidence and feeling your best. After all, what’s sexier than confidence? From high-waisted bikinis to strappy bikinis, we have a style that will be perfect for you. Here are 20 sexy bikinis styles for your next beach day!

 1. Crochet

One of the hottest trends in swim suits is crochet! These are sexy biknis that are perfect for when you’re hanging out around the beach because the top can be worn as a crop top when you aren’t laying out or swimming. Who doesn’t love a two-in-one top?!

Sexy bikinis in crochet are super cute!  

2. High-Waisted

You can never go wrong with a high-waisted bikini. If you don’t like wearing a one piece, but don’t want the full exposure of a bikini, then this floral high-waisted set is perfect for you!


3. Halter

Get the ultimate summer look with this adorable pineapple bikini! Halter top bikinis are great for all chest sizes because the halter provides a lot of support.

Sexy bikinis in halter top style are super cute!  

4. Strappy

Strappy bikinis have become more and more popular over the last few years. The best part about the strappy style is that you aren’t reveling as much skin as a regular bikini, but still looks super sexy!

Sexy bikinis with strappy detail are super cute!  

5. Bandeau

A bandeau styled bikini is really great for girls who don’t have a huge chest. If you do have a bigger chest, love this style, and want support, choose a bandeau that has straps! Sometimes this style comes strapless with optional removable straps which is always a plus.

Sexy bikinis in bandeau style are super cute!  


6. Off The Shoulder

The off the shoulder look is going to be huge this summer and it is a look we love. There is something about the off the shoulder that is so adorable and really steps up from the plain strapless look. An off the shoulder top with high-cut bottoms is the ultimate bikini!

Sexy bikinis in off the shoulder style are super cute!  


7. Criss Cross Bikini

Step up your basic bikini with a sexy criss cross style. These sexy bikinis give your standard bikini just a little something extra! This one in tropical print is perfect for spring break and the summer.

Sexy bikinis with a criss cross detail are super cute for summer!  


8. Ruffled

The ruffles add a fun look to your sexy bikinis! Playing with different patterns, colors, and styles is really cute.

Sexy bikinis with ruffles are perfect for summer!  

9. Caged

If you want to cover up a bit and don’t want the full chest exposure, then this halter top bikini is all you! Halter tops with a ladder caged look are really sexy bikinis for your next vacation.

Sexy bikinis with halter tops are perfect for summer!

10. Mesh

For even sexier bikinis, choose a mesh one. This triangle mesh bikini is super sexy and has really great support. The pompoms are an added bonus and make this bikini a must-have! This bikini screams bombshell.

Mesh is perfect for sexy bikinis!  Sexy bikinis with mesh are perfect for summer!

11. Floral

Summertime is all about the flirty look and nothing is cuter than a floral bikini. Make it a sexy look by choosing a halter top style like this one!

Sexy bikinis with floral print are perfect for summer!  


12. Mix and Match

Playing with patterns is perfect for the summertime. Mixing and matching prints like stripes and leaves is the ultimate summer style. This off the shoulder top and high-waisted bottoms are really great for having yourself a beach day trip where you don’t want to be over-exposed all day long.

mix and match your sexy bikinis this summer!  

13. Strapless

Tan lines are something that come with summer and they can be annoying when you want to wear a cute strapless dress or top. That can be avoided easily with a sexy strapless bikini like this floral one!

Sexy bikinis in strapless style are perfect for summer!  

14. Bralette

Sometimes sexy bikinis can end up being super uncomfortable to wear all day at the beach. But, the bralette bikini solves this problem and provides plenty of support and comfort which is perfect for your beach trips! This tropical floral print is adorable for the summer and the high-waisted tie up bottoms are super sexy.

Bralette bikinis are super sexy bikinis for summer!  Bralette styled tops are super sexy bikinis for the summer!

15. Triangle Bikini

The triangle bikini; basic, but forever super sexy bikinis. The triangle style is perfect for any chest size and depending on the amount of padding, can provide tons of support and comfort. This tropical print bikini is a beach essential!

Triangle bikinis are super sexy bikinis for summer!
16. Embellished

For the glam girl, an embellished bikini is made for you. This embellished bikini with the added mesh is a super sexy bikini that can get you from day to night on your next beach getaway! Can say slay?

Embellished bikinis are super sexy bikinis for summer!  

17. Tropical Print

Let’s be real. Tropical print is something that is never going out of style. This print is perfect for the summer and looks good no matter what style bikini you choose to wear the print in. This bikini has the later cage halter top which makes it even sexier.

Topical print sexy bikinis are perfect for summer!
18. Scallop

If you consider yourself the chic and sophisticated kind of girl, then a scallop bikini is one that you will love! This little black bikini is super sexy.

Scallop sexy bikinis are perfect for the summer!  

19. Push Up

Show off your confident side with a sexy push up bikini. A strappy push up bikini like this green one below will have all eyes on you on your next vacation or trip to the beach!

Push up bikinis are super sexy bikinis for the beach!  

20.  High Cut

The ’80s have made a full swing back around and high cut bikini bottoms have became the biggest growing trend in bikini styles. These super sexy bikinis really show off all of your curves. Show them legs off girl!

Sexy bikinis with high cut bottoms are perfect for the summer!  

Do you have any other sexy bikinis styles for the summer? Share in the comments below!

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