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5 Sexting Tips That’ll Make You Sound Like A Pro

5 Sexting Tips That’ll Make You Sound Like A Pro

If you want to learn how to sext but don't know how or where to start, this will help. These sexting tips are perfect for a texting conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriend. These tips for sexting and sexting ideas will make you sound like a pro in no time!

Sexting can be an embarrassing and shy thing for one to engage in with their partner. You could feel so bashful from reading all the freaky and nasty sexts that your partner is texting you. And then feel stuck because you have no idea how to even allow yourself to text back some freaky and nasty things. If you are someone who struggles with sexting, here are 5 helpful sexting tips that can potentially help make you sound like you are a pro!

Use Emojis

Emojis are a crucial and key part to sexting. Everyone always uses the eggplant, cherries, peach, water drops and tongue, to help properly express and paint a picture of all that they plan on doing to their partner. Using these emojis, will help guide your freaky sexting.

Send Gifs

If you feel that you still wouldn’t be comfortable using emojis, then try using gifs. Gifs are great because they are like a mini video that showcases a person doing whatever it is that you searched for. Gifs will help a great deal in literally showing all that you want to do your partner’s body.

Have An Alter Ego

Just like how Beyoncé brings out her alter ego “Sasha Fierce”, when she needs to, you too can bring out and channel your alter ego if you have one (and if you don’t, create one). Your alter ego will assist you in sexting your partner something so hot, he or she will be racing home to you.

Send A Voice Note

Sending a seductive and nasty voice note to your partner is another way of sexting like a pro. You can send one from wherever you feel the most comfortable like your bedroom, bathroom or even car. Voice notes are always a sure way to guarantee immediate arousal.

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Play R&B Music

R&B music, has always been able to put people in the mood. Before you start sexting, get yourself in that frame of mind by listening to a slow jam that will put you in the mood to be freaky. For instance, Marvin Gay “Lets Get It On”, is infamous for helping put people in the mood to indeed get it on!

Do you have any more sexting tips you’d like to share?! Let us know down below!