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The 10 Sexiest Ways For Her To Turn You On In The Bedroom

The 10 Sexiest Ways For Her To Turn You On In The Bedroom

It is pretty hard to be in the mood in the bedroom when you aren’t really turned on, wouldn’t you say, fellas? Sometimes you’re a little too tired, or you have your attention turned more toward your games, but when it comes time to spend alone time with our girls, we just aren’t feeling it. Even with as sexy and gorgeous as your girlfriend is and as much as you love her, you still just aren’t really down to getting intimate.

For all the ladies out there that may deal with this issue, not all hope is lost. We may not be in the mood at that time, but there are sure ways to get us aroused and ready. Here are the 10 sexiest ways for you to turn us on in the bedroom!

1. Wear Lingerie

Yes! Yes! Hell yes!

Seeing our woman in some sexy, borderline see through lingerie clothing is one of the sexiest turn ons there is! The silky smoothness of the bra and panties is great to feel on and the way they reveal your soft skin and the curves of your gorgeous bodies will definitely have us at attention in more ways than one. Trust me!

The 10 Sexiest Ways For Her To Turn You On In The Bedroom

2. Give Neck Kisses

Ooooh these right here are something else.

One of the sexiest turn ons in the bedroom for us men is when we receive delicate smooches on our necks. They’re really relaxing, super comforting, and the way you ladies mount on top of us to unleash some kiss artillery on our necks is pretty hot, too.

3. Making Out

This is a pretty obvious one, but making out is one of the sexiest turn ons in the bedroom, or anywhere really. The back and forth lip locking action, the grappling, grabbing and caressing of our faces and necks, the fingers through our hair. We love that stuff. And if you dare get the tongue involved? Things will be getting hot and heavy real quick.

The 10 Sexiest Ways For Her To Turn You On In The Bedroom

4. Sensual Eye Contact

Ladies know exactly what they’re doing when they give us that look. The low eyed, deep stare into our souls with those beautiful glowing blue, brown, hazel, amber, green or whatever color eyes you may have. That sensual stare is such a glorious trap that we can’t help but getting caught in, and throwing in a gentle lip bite, a quick wink or mixing it in with a number of the other turn ons on this list will make it even harder to resist.

It’s something that takes minimum effort, yet is still one of the sexiest turn ons. Just giving us that subtle look tells us all we need to know about what you’re looking for, and if we weren’t in the mood before, we’d better get into it pretty quick!

5. Dancing

You can always set the mood by playing some low volume slow jams, but the women that dance to them take it a step further. We’ll sit back in awe as we watch your hips rock, sway and drop nice and slow to the beat, and when you dance up on us all seductive-like, its almost impossible not to get turned on by that.

6. Bedroom Nicknames

Nicknames are to be expected in a relationship. Baby, babe, boo, things along those lines are quite common for a female to call her man. But when it comes to that alone time in the bedroom, men like to feel dominant, because let’s be real, we’re usually the more dominant ones in bed.

One of the lowkey sexiest turn ons for some guys is when our women give us nicknames like daddy, papi, or other forms of dominant masculine nicknames in bed. It makes us feel like empowered in a way, like the dominant figure in that moment, and for our lady to be submissive and give us that kind of name lets us know we’re doing something very right.

7. Dirty Talk

Talking dirty to us is one of the truly sexiest turn ons for guys in the bedroom. Whisper in our ears and get nice and detailed with it. Use that sweet and soft voice to really get us hooked. Create a picture in our minds of all the things you’re trying to do to us and with us. In the heat of the moment, tell us you’re liking it, ask us for more, tell us how to give it to you. We love all that!

The 10 Sexiest Ways For Her To Turn You On In The Bedroom

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8. Undressing Us

Usually, we take the honor as the guy to undress our female partners first, but its sexy when the female is so in the mood that she’s takes it upon herself to get our clothes off first. Lift our shirt up over our shoulders. Tug off those sweatpants or shorts that we got on. We’ll comply with what you’re trying to work toward, I promise.

9. Giving Body Rubs

Getting rubbed down and felt all over by our girlfriends is one of the sexiest turn ons, am I right, guys?

Women really know what they’re doing with their hands, too. They know how to really caress us, nurture us and make us feel so comfortable, and when we have sore spots and knots they know how to apply the pressure to really loosen up and make us feel a lot less tense. Its a slow seductive tactic females like to pull on us, but we’re definitely all for it.

10. Taking Control

Again, us males are generally the ones that are in control when we’re getting intimate, but when the ladies take command, its one of the sexiest turn ons there is.

We’ll never, ever complain if you get up on top of us and start laying it down, smothering us with those plump lips while we feel all over your smooth body!

The 10 Sexiest Ways For Her To Turn You On In The Bedroom

We may be in the mood, or we may be in the moment, but all 10 of these turn ons will instantly heat up those intimate moments in the bedroom!

What are some of your favorite ways to really get your man in the mood?

Share your seductive ways in the comments below!

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