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10 Of The Sexiest Things Men Do In Bed

10 Of The Sexiest Things Men Do In Bed

Guys, are you looking for some tips to be even sexier in bed? Looking for ways to seduce your woman just a little further? If you need some help (even if you just need some extra tips!), you’ve come to the right place. Here is a list of 10 amazingly sexy things men do in bed. 

Nibbling On Your Ear From Behind

Many of us women are suckers for the ear nibble. We love to feel our partners breath on our skin and the slight sting of their teeth nibbling our earlobe, our cartilage can be enough to drive us over the edge.

10 Of The Sexiest Things Men Do In Bed

Kissing You Everywhere BUT Your Lips

Press your lips to every part of her body. Slowly. But do not touch her mouth. Run your lips over her ankles, her thighs. Brush them over her ribs and her chest. Kiss each finger and her shoulders. Put your lips on her neck, her cheeks, her ears, and her forehead. But DO. NOT. PUT. YOUR. LIPS. ON. HERS. Oh, the sexy, sexy things men do in bed.

Teasing You Through Your Panties

When he tells you to leave your panties on and then teases you by rubbing himself up against you. Oh. My. God. Rubbing up against you is one of the most teasing things a man can do. It’s also just one of the sexy things men do in bed.

Then, when he rips those panties aside and takes you with the kind of lust that only a man can muster, we’re puddles. And they know it.




Bring out that low, guttural moan. 

This is probably at the top of the list for sexy things men do in bed for most women. Let us know that you’re enjoying yourself. We know you love it when we make noise, and it goes both ways. We want to know that you’re enjoying our bodies as much as we’re enjoying yours. So let out a moan once in a while. Lean in close to us and release it right in our ear. Moan, growl, either one works. Just find a way to LET US KNOW. 

Gentle Kisses

Just because we’re having sex doesn’t mean you have to mash your lips to mine. Even if you’re thrusting deep and hard. Take your time with your lips and kiss your girl gently. Run your tongue over her lips. Be gentle. Lightly press your lips to hers. Lightly press your lips to her neck and her face. Be oh so gentle with your kisses. Your girl will love you for it. Being gentle is one of the sexiest things men do in bed.

Listen To Her Fantasies – And Actually Do Them

This is one of the most important. It takes a lot for some women to open up to their partner and tell them what they truly want in the bedroom. Exposing their fantasies to someone other than themselves leaves them open to ridicule if the other person doesn’t feel the same. So if your girl opens up to you and tells you what she really wants, make sure you listen. 

Don’t just hear what she says. Actually, listen to the details. She’s going to give them to you, I promise. She may not give you accounts with every word spoken that she wants, but she’s going to tell you what to do…if you listen. 

She’s going to tell you what to say, what to wear, how to touch her, where to touch and exactly how she wants you to be with her. Some women may be brave enough to give you detailed accounts of what she wants you to say. If she does…say those things. She’s going to turn into a puddle. I promise.

Describe What They’re Going To Do To You – After They Blindfold You

Losing one of our senses tends to heighten the others. Removing your sense of sight will increase not just your sense of awareness, but your sense of touch as well. 

Hearing your partner tell you what they plan to do to you can be one of the biggest turn-ons. Chances are you adore your partner’s voice already, so your heightened senses are going to bring it to a new level. 

You’re going to FEEL everything. You’re going to be hyper-aware of every single thing they do to you. Every touch of their hand, every rush of their breath on your skin. You’re going to feel it all. One of the sexiest things men do in bed. Heighten out sense.

10 Of The Sexiest Things Men Do In Bed

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Tickle Every Part Of Your Body – Except Your Genitals

This move is pure torture but easily one of the sexiest. When they touch your body everywhere with just the light touch of their fingertips. We all know how good it feels when our partner runs their fingers gently around our backs, or our arms when we’re sitting together. 

Imagine that gentle touch running up your thighs. Feeling it start at the calf of your leg and winding it’s way up to your inner thigh, but stopping just short. Yessssssss. The sexy things men do in bed can melt us right to our toes.

10 Of The Sexiest Things Men Do In Bed

Hold You Tight – So You Can Feel Every Muscle Working

This is one of my favorites on this list of 10 sexy things men do in bed. I love it when a man holds me super tight, no matter if he is behind me or in front of me because I can feel every muscle in his body working to please me. I can feel the muscles in his arms holding me. The muscles in his abs as he moves and thrusts. The strength of his legs working. The muscles in his tongue as he wrestles with mine.

Uffda. It’s suddenly very hot in here.

Make Eye Contact

This is the NUMBER ONE sexy thing men do in bed. Don’t close those beautiful brown eyes, Baby. Look me right in the face. Look me right in the eyes with each movement. Look into my eyes like you are digging for my soul. Keep those eyes open as you breathe deep and your body moves slowly with mine. Watch my body arch, watch my lips part. Watch as my eyes close in sheer pleasure.


It’s an incredibly sexy moment for both of you.

What are some of the sexiest things your man does in bed? Share with us in the comments!

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