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Sexiest MLB Players for 2019

Sexiest MLB Players for 2019


Spring has finally come and that means that it’s basically baseball season! With the first games right upon us, we think it’s only right and fair to spend a few minutes drooling over the sexiest MLB players. As a treat for your eyes – and your soul, too – we put together a list of our oh-so-favorite MLB players. The raw material was a lot, and it was a very difficult selection process, but we made it! Please welcome our MLB hot entries of the year!

George Springer

Unfortunately for you – and for us – he’s happily married. Yes, we know, what a bummer. He plays for the Houston Astros and his smile truly warms our hearts on a daily basis.


Bryce Harper

Let’s just hope Bryce Harper doesn’t ever get rid of his signature beard. He just couldn’t be left out of our list for the sexiest MLB players of 2019 – I mean, have you seen the look in his eyes?!


Trevor Plouffe

Trevor, no GIF could do you justice: you need to be admired through a still, sharp picture. Phillies is lucky to have you – and your wife Olivia, too.

Kris Bryant

Probably one of the cutest and most genuine MLB players out there, Kris Bryant is also one of the sexiest ones. And of course he plays for the Cubs: he’s a cub himself.

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J. D. Martinez

Straight out of Boston, right into our hearts. Did you know he was born in Miami? And did you know he went to Nova Southeastern University? And did you know he is NOT married? (!!!!!!!!!!!!!). He reportedly has a girlfriend, though. Oh well, we’ll keep holding up hope.


Which ones do you think are the sexiest MLB players in 2019? Let us know in the comments below!

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