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10 Sex Toys For Partners You Will Actually Love

10 Sex Toys For Partners You Will Actually Love

Dating a fuck girl comes with a lot of very telling signs. Here are some of the signs you're dating a girl you probably need to dump!

Sex toys are typically only used during solo play, but that doesn’t have to be the case! While they do a great job substituting for your partner when they aren’t there, sex toys can (and should) be a part of your regular sex life! They can make even the most mundane sex exciting and intense. What’s even better about modern sex toys is that they aren’t big scary devices anymore. You can have all the mind blowing effects without feeling nervous or embarrassed! Here are 10 of the very best sex toys for partners that you and your partner need to try out ASAP.

1. Doc Johnson Good Head Blow Job Stroker

If you ever feel like your blow jobs and hand jobs just aren’t up to par, try this! It’ll make head feel the first time all over again. Or, if you don’t like giving blow jobs, this can be a great option for spicing up handies. Just make sure you use lube with this product and you’ll be set!

2. K-Y Yours & Mine Couples Lubricant

A lot of times lubricants can be a bit underwhelming because women naturally have the best lube already. But this is different. The men’s lubricant has a warming sensation while the women’s has a cool tingly one that is sure to stimulate both partners!

3. PULSE 3 SOLO and DUO Masturbator

Worn by the man, this sex toy can be used solo or with your partner. It’s great because it’s focused for male stimulation but it offers a little something for women too! The Pulse 3 also comes with a remote, which can be added to foreplay to make it a little more fun.

4. Hitachi Rechargeable Original Magic Wand

I’m sure we all remember the Sex and the City episode about this toy. It is – and I repeat – not a neck massager. This classic vibrator has been around forever for a reason. It is perfect for clitoral stimulation with its varying speeds and shape. People love it so much, that Samantha is definitely not the only one who’s had to repurchase it!

5. Squish

Is this not the cutest vibrator ever?! I wouldn’t even bother keeping this one hidden in my drawer because it’s so precious. Aside from it being adorable, this vibrator has a unique feature – the vibrations intensify as you squeeze it harder. Another awesome detail is that you can record and replay custom vibration patterns. This would be a wonderful idea for long-distance relationships – just have your partner create a sequence and use it to remind you of them!

6. Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Knicker Vibrator

One of the sexiest foreplay ideas ever is to slip a vibrator in your panties, give the remote to your partner and then go out for the night. The idea that your partner can secretly pleasure you all night is just so racy and I love it. This set is great because it comes with the vibrator that can be worn in the underwear or it can be taken out for use in other situations!

7. Nexus

This has got to be the most ingenious double-ended dildo ever created. It is perfectly crafted to pleasure the female wearer with its shape. Make sure you also purchase a dildo harness for a more secure fit. The Nexus also comes in a smaller version, so it can work with anyone for sex toys for partners!

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8. Tor II

Here’s a couples ring that is ~waterproof~. You can wear this in the shower, bath or hot tub for some sexy time in the water! Again, this is great because it’s a male-focused toy that can stimulate the woman as well for sex toys for partners.

 9. Eva II

This product might as well have been sent from God. It’s a hands-free, strap-free couples vibrator intended to give the woman the clitoral stimulation she needs during penetrative sex. For any woman that has trouble orgasming from penetration alone, here is the solution for you!

10. Handcuffs and Blindfold

If you and your partner are looking for an easy way to spice up things in the bedroom here is one of the easiest ways. Being blindfolded and restrained puts all control in your partner. It builds trust and intimacy in a way that other sex toys can’t. This is one to try if you’re not ready to try vibrators for sex toys for partners!

Which of these sex toys for partners are you going to try? Let us know in the comments.

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