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5 Sex Positive YouTube Channels You Need To Watch

5 Sex Positive YouTube Channels You Need To Watch

5 Sex Positive YouTube Channels You Need To Watch

In most states, sexual education requirements are minimal and incomprehensive, leaving young adults to navigate complicated sexual relationships, STDs, contraception choices, sexuality, and consent all by themselves. This results in a harmful culture where people are largely uninformed and don’t have the appropriate resources to make safe choices and understand themselves and their bodies. The solution? We need to educate ourselves, and thankfully, there is an abundance of sex-positive Youtube Channels that can help do exactly that. Here are five channels run by informed, passionate, and entertaining Youtubers that cover all areas of sexual education.

1. Hannah Witton

Hannah Witton is a British Youtuber who is absolutely fearless when it comes to talking about sex. Her sex-positive videos cover everything from periods and hormones, sexual pleasure, toys, and masturbation, to the history of condoms and having sex with a disability. The diverse range of topics is all handled delicately, while she breaks things down with matter of fact explanations that prove as humorous as they do educational. She’s been creating this kind of content since 2011, delivering concise videos that never shame anything or anyone but really do prove incredibly genuine and informative. Better yet, her book The Hormone Diaries: The Bloody Truth About Our Periods is coming out this June, and it condenses her entire Hormone Diaries video series (which covered birth control, periods, and hormones in intimate detail). She also has a book called Doing It which tackles all things sex and relationships and a podcast of the same name which provides an equally thrilling sexual education. Ultimately, Hannah is charming, frank, and incredibly informed so whether you want to follow her channel or pick up one of her books, you won’t regret the time spent learning from her.

2. Melanie Murphy

Melanie Murphy is from Ireland and talks about body positivity, bisexuality, masturbation, and contraception on her Youtube channel. Melanie is open about her own experiences with her body and as a bisexual woman, using her life and background to share what she believes are important conversations. Her content regarding bisexuality and relationships, bisexual erasure, and biphobia was recognized when she was nominated for a 2019 Shorty Award for the LGBTQ Account category, and though she didn’t end up winning, it did go to show how important and honest her content is. She also brings guests onto her channel and her lulling Irish accent and genuinely caring personality make her an all-around lovely creator to watch.

3. Laci Green

Laci Green makes highly popular videos on sex education that aim to erase stigmas and inform people about the entire spectrum of sexuality and sexual-related topics. With almost 1.5 million subscribers and hundreds of videos on gender, toxic masculinity, BDSM, furies, herpes, orgasms and everything in between, there are few questions about sex that you won’t find the answer to on her channel. Green has also worked with Planned Parenthood and given lectures at universities, so you know her content is completely informed and fact-based.

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4. Planned Parenthood

While the Planned Parenthood channel doesn’t boast as many followers as some of the previously mentioned personalities, it does do a creative and thorough job of tackling sex education. While you might expect them to be scientific and dull, the content is actually engaging and sincerely tackles topics such as consent, getting tested, and even parenting advice. They also have a wonderful series entitled “Taking Care of Your Pussy,” which features some adorable kittens as they explore vaginal anatomy, cleanliness, and masturbation.

5. Riydah K

Riydah K is a gay Youtuber who talks about things like gay sex and homophobia based on his own experiences. He is bold, outrageous, and funny in his exploration of taboo topics and has also published a book called Yay! You’re Gay! Now What? A Gay Boy’s Guide To Life. Alongside videos exploring his own struggles with his sexuality, Riydah also reaches out to influential celebrities to further explore homosexuality. He has interviewed the stars of Love, Simon and confronted the Prime Minister about homophobia to bring in celebrity perspectives and engage in important conversations with public figures who can promote a culture of positive sexuality.

Do you follow any of these sex positive Youtube Channels? Let us know what you think of them and how you learned about sex and relationships down below!

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