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10 Sex Positions You Didn’t Know You Had To Try

You know the good thing about being quarantine is the limitless time we have with our loved ones. It sucks not being able to go anywhere and be able to do what we love with the other people in our lives.

If you and your significant other are stuck behind closed doors, then you might be getting in the mood a lot more than usual. That happens when you aren’t as stressed, and since a lot of us aren’t working or are working from home, you must be a whole lot less stressed than usual.

Now, we’ve been quarantined for a little over a month, and your bedroom routine must be a little tiring. If so, here are ten sex positions you didn’t know you had to try!

Court Side Seat

Difficulty: 1.5 out of 5

You are going to enjoy every one of these sex position’s names. This is a relaxed sex position.

Guys, you’ll be taking a seat on your feet on the floor – the bed would be too unsteady. Ladies, you’d sit directly on him while placing your hands on your knees.

From there, tease him. Play with him. Make him beg for you. You are the star player in this position.

Fireman’s Pole

Difficulty: 2 out of 5

Okay, this isn’t as hard as a lot of the other sex positions listed in this list, but it is a lot of fun – and a personal favorite. Grab your fireman have him relax, and lay on his back. Have one of his legs propped up while the other is stretched out in front of him. You’ll go ahead and slide down his leg until you reach him – literally sliding down the “fireman’s pole” and you’ll be the one guiding him into you. From there, experiment and have fun!

Grab Ass

Difficulty: 2.5 out of 5

This probably has to be the most fun, but the relaxed position from most of the sex positions listed you should try in the bedroom. It doesn’t take much to perform. Both of you should take a knee (make sure the place your kneeling is comfortable enough).

Once you both are kneeling, guys, take her ass and as you thrust into her. Ladies, you’ll have to slowly lift your pelvis to help your significant other be able to pleasure easily. A slow and steady back and forth – almost like you two would be rocking – works best. However, whatever speed you decide is up to you and your partner and how much you two can handle.

The Tool Belt

Difficulty: 2.5 out of 5

Funny name, but incredibly fun to execute. Guys, go ahead and stand at the edge of the bed. All right, ladies, go ahead and lie on the bed facing down like you’re about to get spanked – ass high in the air and spread as comfortably as possible. Back to the guy, go ahead and grab hold of her legs and enter from behind.
This is an excellent position to try going as hard or as easy as both of you are comfortable with.

Armchair Quarterback

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

So out of the last four sex positions, this is smidge harder, but it still isn’t too bad, and gentlemen, you won’t have much to do here.

Guys grab a chair (it’s the least you can do after reading what you’ll be doing) and go ahead and take a seat. Once she sits on you, you’ll wrap your arms around her waist – loosely.

Ladies, you’re going to be mounting him and go ahead and make yourself as comfortable as possible. You’ll grab his knees as you lean backward. Be careful, but kick your legs up over his shoulders one foot at a time.

Then go ahead and enjoy yourselves – we recommend not going too hard, or you’ll fall off of him.

Fold’er Over

Difficulty: 3 out 5

*You will need to have the flexibility for this position.

All right, for the other sex positions, it seems like the women are doing all the work, and while you may be enjoying that, gentlemen, it looks like your time to shine is here.

All you have to do is kneel over her and grab her by the legs. Be careful and fold her over (legs should be aimed towards her head). Just allow her to settle and tell you if it’s comfortable or not. Ladies, once you are on your back and he’s folded you in half, go ahead and spread your legs a little bit for easy access.

From there, gentlemen, don’t overdo it, but go ahead and experiment with your speed – prologue her orgasm.

Ridin’ The Rapids

Difficulty: 3 out of 5

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Okay, out of all of the sex positions listed so far, this one is pretty much a new twist on an oldie.

Guys, go ahead and lay on your back, but have your head and arms dangling off the bed. Ladies, go ahead and climb on top of him – have fun with it! Role-play a little if you want – get him even more excited. Once you’ve settled yourself onto of him, you’ll guide little him into you. From there it’s a fun time. All you have to do is literally like the name says – ride him. Almost like you’re on a canoe! We recommend alternating paces!

Gold Miner

Difficulty: 3.5 out 5

Okay, this sex position will have you both laughing. It feels great but looks entirely silly.

Gentlemen lay down on your backs – we recommend using the floor instead of the bed. Then bend your knees to your stomach. Girls, go ahead and straddle his hips and lower yourself. When you hold onto his arms, you get better penetration. You’re bouncing up and down.

Ping Flamingo

Difficulty: 5 out of 5

Do you know how pink flamingos usually stand on one leg? Yeah, try to attempt this. This is pretty difficult, but if mastered, incredibly fun. However, just try to be super careful – and stretch. Out of all of the sex positions listed, this one requires strength, patience, and much flexibility.

Guys lift her leg onto your shoulders – slowly. Ladies, please, please, please stretch or make sure you have much flexibility. Once your leg is over his shoulder, you’ll go ahead and grab his neck, and he’ll place your leg into position. This would work a lot better if you two were the same height. Once he’s in – find the motion that works for you. You need to be comfortable and safe.

Down and Dirty

Difficulty: 5 out of 5

This is a whole lot worse than Ping Flamingo. However, if you can complete this, we guarantee you’ll want to try it again.

Ladies, this time, you are the one who will be staying still. All you have to do is moon your significant other and let him do the work!

Gentlemen grab your lady’s ankles and lift her as carefully and slowly as possible. You’ll have her thighs lay on your legs and get to having fun. Think of it as up in the air doggy style.

Ladies and gentlemen, ten fun (and silly naming) sex positions that you didn’t know you had to try. If you did, please let us know how you enjoyed them! Do you have any personal crowd-pleasers? Let us know in the comments!

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