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10 Sex Positions That You Need To Try… NOW

10 Sex Positions That You Need To Try… NOW

Sex positions are different for everyone depending on likes and dislikes. Different positions offer different feelings, hit different spots, and can please everyone differently. Sex is part of every healthy relationship, and let’s face it, many of us find ways to spice it up. Well, you’ve come to the right article! No matter what your interests, these 10 sex positions are for everyone – and we can’t promise you won’t be screaming. 

10 Sex Positions That You Need To Try… NOW

1. Reverse Cowgirl 

Ahh, reverse cowgirl. This position adds a twist to the usual ‘girl on top’, position, and gives him a pretty nice peak of your booty. I mean, not sure which one of you is loving this more. To be honest, this position takes some practice. If you sit down wrong, you can do some damage to his privates, … and nobody wants that. Have him lay down and get comfortable, and then, sit down with your back facing his head. Lean forward, and move up and down. Just like a cowgirl! 

2. Bent Over Bed 

Maybe it is just me, but I seem to think that having him enter you from behind is more fun. Who’s with me? For this sex position, it is pretty similar to the classic doggy style. Depending on how much taller your man is than you, this works best if he is taller only by a few inches. Have him stand up straight, over a bed, couch, or heck, even table. Just make sure no one’s home. Stand in front of him, and bend over, but with one knee up on the bed. This will allow the perfect angle for deep penetration and pleasure for both of you. He can grab your hips, slap your butt, and have the time of his life. This position is truly amazing! 

3. Spoonful Of Love 

Attention ladies, this position, is like no other. If you love sex for close intimacy, feeling protected, and the deep connection you have with the other person while doing so, this position is for you. Not to mention, both of you get to lay down in a comfortable position. To start, have both you and your man lay down on your sides. With your butt facing his privates, and your back to him, have him enter you from behind. Slowly rock back and forth, and have him hold you. This position is definitely not meant to be aggressive like doggy, but rather for the two partners to deeply admire each other and the intimacy at that moment.  

10 Sex Positions That You Need To Try… NOW

4. Lap Dance 

This position might not be so simple… but still worth a shot. Everyone has different likes and dislikes, but even still, we enjoy switching things up. Have him sit down in a chair, and get in a comfortable position. Sit down in his lap, but facing away. Hop up and down, and have him hold your waist, kiss your shoulders, or play with your hair. I promise you, this position is worth getting out of your comfort zone!10 Sex Positions That You Need To Try… NOW

5. Cutting Edge 

This position is a little tricky, but worth the effort. Just a heads up, make sure that no one is home before you two go at it. To begin, sit down on the edge of a countertop, desk, or table, but still at the same level as him. Arch your back, and scoot to the edge of the counter. Have him stand and enter you facing forward, and the two of you can still kiss, cuddle, and grab ahold of each other for additional support. This position is wild, intimate, while still romantic and sweet. Enjoy, but not too much! 

10 Sex Positions That You Need To Try… NOW

6. Shower Bend 

This position is meant for the shower, but can be done anywhere. I mean, the wet and steamy aspect of a shower is enough, but this position will have both of you lusting and moaning, for sure. With both of your arms out and hands placed firmly on the wall, (almost like a strip search), spread your feet apart about shoulders length. Bend over slightly, but make sure your hands and body weight are firmly relying on the wall, for support. Have him stand behind you and enter you from behind. He can grab your hips, waist, and give you kisses. The best thing about getting it from behind is the intimacy it creates, but I find that it even builds your trust with that person. With him holding you, he does have a sense of control but so do you. Enjoy! 

10 Sex Positions That You Need To Try… NOW

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7. Classic Doggy 

Hey, if none of these sex positions are for you, not to worry! We have all of the tips to perfect your next doggy style sesh. When Pitbull and Kesha sang, “face down, booty up”, he’s actually not kidding. To get the best orgasm, get in the doggy position, but make sure your face is resting on a pillow, and your butt is raised in the air. You can also use a pillow under your knees to give more leverage, and let him penetrate you from behind, again. This position is probably the best for her, but it gives him a pretty decent shot too. I mean, what guy doesn’t want to stare at his girlfriend’s butt in the air? He can also have some control by holding your waist. 

10 Sex Positions That You Need To Try… NOW

8. Legs Up 

This position is pretty wild, I will say. To get started lay comfortably on your back, and have him pull your legs back, almost like a stretch. Your legs will be straight up in the air, and he will enter you so that the two of you will end up facing each other. If it gets to be uncomfortable, don’t worry, just pull your knees up to your chest. Think of this like a twist on missionary, only more exciting. There are many variations of this sex position, so just play around with it and find a position that works best for you. 

9. Lay Down, Babe 

Another wild one, this position won’t give you the time to make the classic sex noises, you’ll be enjoying it too much. For this one, lay down flat on your stomach, and get comfortable and fully relaxed. With your legs spread open, your man is going to enter you from behind, so that his privates are touching your butt. Once again, having him lay behind you will give the perfect level of romance, trust, contact, and hello… G-Spot. 

10. Cowgirl 

I couldn’t resist including the cowgirl position in these top 10. The cowgirl position is classic for many reasons, but primarily, I think, for comfort. Without involving anything too crazy, you swing one leg over his stomach and immediately start to feel amazed. Not to mention, there’s never ‘too much’ practice of this position. There are always ways we can improve, and satisfy our partner! 

Which sex position will you be practicing? Comment below, and I hope everyone enjoyed reading! 

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