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10 Sex Myths You Only See In The Movies

10 Sex Myths You Only See In The Movies

Here's what happened when I tried casual hooking up for one month. Hook ups seem to be popular among our generation, but is that a good or a bad thing?

Remember when you thought sex was this romantic scene you saw in the movies? Where the man was always incredibly passionate, the women were always beautiful and overwhelmed by the guy’s desire, and the location was someplace like a steamy shower or a silk-draped bed? Right, that was a bunch of crap, wasn’t it? Seriously, I think movies have a lot to do with unrealistic expectations, not only for sex but relationships too. I mean how is a guy supposed to live up to men like Rhett Butler or Edward Cullen? Well, I am here to balance the scales a bit with a large helping of truth. Here are ten sex myths that you only see in the movies.

1. It’s always passionate

Yeah, this one has caused many fights in the bedroom. Sex between people isn’t always exciting and full of vigor. Especially if you have been with your partner for a long time. If you sleep with your partner every night, how can you expect them to attack you like you’ve been kept apart by war or family disputes for years?

2. It’s always successful

You know that moment at the end of a sex scene where the couple lies in bed together, both perfectly satisfied? That isn’t true either. Yes, most times, you and your partner should both get a happy ending, but the world isn’t a perfect place and shit happens. Maybe he got a little too into it or maybe you get there, but he is just too distracted with work. Real world stuff here people.

3. Timing

I will never understand why every movie shows a couple peaking at the same time… it is such a false reality. Yes, sometimes that can happen, but your bodies aren’t put on a timer to both ding at the same time, so why would we expect that to be the case every time?

4. Love doesn’t equal desire

Why is nobody tired in these movies? Maybe I am not watching the right movies but I have never seen a character say, “I love you, but we just walked through a war zone for the past 200 miles, my whole family has been murdered, and I am just not in the right mood.”? That would be a real moment.

5. The man is the instigator

This is a myth we need to bust immediately. It’s 2018 and people still don’t realize that women enjoy and desire sex as much as men? Come on people. Bottom line, it is perfectly natural for the female to initiate sex on a regular basis. Don’t buy these sex myths.

6. Twister

Knowing what I know now, it is hilarious to me when a sex scene shows a couple in 5 different positions… not normal. 2 maybe 3 if you are feeling extra frisky, but anything above that isn’t going to happen every time you take a roll in the sheets. That does not mean it is ok to have sex in the missionary position every time… live it up.

7. Location

The longer you are with someone, the more likely you are to have a regular place for sex… naturally, it is probably your bedroom, but whatever. You probably aren’t having sex in your car or against the front door, or in some dark corner of a fancy restaurant, if you already live together. Just doesn’t make much sense.

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8. “I swear that’s never happened to me before”

I honestly feel bad for men when it comes to some of these sex myths. Through movies, we have been programmed to think that a man should never have an issue getting it up… can you imagine the pressure? It happens to more guys than you think, and unless it continues to happen, it really isn’t a big deal.

9. Steady

No matter what the movies show, you aren’t going to get a sex life that is a constant stream of good sex. Know that passion can come and go with the same partner, that you can have mind-blowing sex one night and bland sex the next and still love the same guy in the morning, and that you can find your partner irresistible one night and disgusting the next. That’s just how relationships and sex go.

10. It takes work

Bad sex should not be a relationship ender. The movies may show guys and girls who know exactly how to please their partners, but they are actors. You can, and should, teach your partner what you like and dislike. The more they know what works for you, the better the sex will be.

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