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8 Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life

8 Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life

8 Sex Games To Spice Up Your Love Life

Our love lives are incredibly personal and unique from one pair of consenting adults to another. There is no right or wrong way to be having sex with your partner but sex lives can become monotonous if we aren’t tending to them in the same way we do with other components of our intimate relationships. For this reason here are 8 sex games to spice up your love life!

1. Role playing

This can be a fun and explorative game to play with your partner. You can safely explore fantasies you may hold and also have a good laugh with each other while you do it. Many partnerships benefit from occasional role playing as it allows both people to dabble in different personality types while having sex. This can not only spice up your sex life, but is a great sex game to also grow within yourself. Many people find a new confidence after role playing and this confidence is useful both inside and outside of the bedroom.

2. Fantasy Football in the bedroom

This game is similar to when you create a fantasy football team but instead of naming all the players you’d have on your dream team talk to your partner about your greatest fantasies and all the things you’d do if you were able to. Make sure you are both prepared to have an open conversation and be honest with each other. Then based on both your preferences and what you are comfortable with, try some of these positions and fantasies! This is a sex game that will spice up your sex life for sure. It also gets you talking to your partner.

3. Twister with a twist!

We are all familiar with the childhood game of twister. You make a spin using the twister and place the selected body part on the corresponding colour that it landed on. It usually ends in you and your friends getting all twisted up together! The idea is the same but create your own twister and change feet to more explicit body parts e.g. hands, mouth, tongue. Like the standard game of twister place your body part where it lands. Have fun with this game and get all twisted and worked up! If you are feeling particularly adventurous, you can make this a group activity and experiment with other couples.

4. All dare no truth

This sex game like truth or dare involves coming up with sexual dares for your partner but there is no truth involved, only experimentation. Discuss with your partner beforehand and make sure you are aware of any limits, it can be helpful to also have a safe word you will both recognise if the game gets too hot too fast. As long as you take these steps you can have great fun daring your partner to do things to you that they perhaps don’t do often or haven’t done before. Be careful though, you’re about to have the most competitive sex of your life!

5. Answer or Strip

Similar to truth or drink this game follows similar rules. The aim of the game is to get your partner naked before they strip you down! Ask your partner personal questions and if they refuse to answer they have to take off one article of clothing, the same way in truth or drink you take a shot to pass. Feel free to also drink during this. Think of obscure and daring questions and see how quickly you can get your partner to strip in front of you! It is a sex game that is exciting and sexy and is an interesting way to undress your partner before sex.

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6. Flinch

This sex game involves sitting across from your partner and slowly and rather excruciatingly inching closer. The first person to flinch in some way loses and is therefore at your mercy! This game slowly builds tension which is enough to turn any person on. It also builds intimacy with your partner which will not only spice up your sex life but bring more trust and love to your partnership!

7. Dirty Letters

This is a more unique type of sex game because it occurs over the course of the entire day and can be continued even when apart. This game involves writing sexually explicit letters for your partner to read until you can come together at night. Just imagine the sexual frustration that comes from reading these letters at work and not being able to embrace your partner on the spot! It is a rewarding game and can bring you closer to your partner. You can either give your letters to your partner to take with them or hide them around the house for them to find. Have fun exploring your deepest desires on paper and see your sex life improve because of all the anticipation.

8. Replicate the lyrics

This is a fun sex game! What you should aim to do is get all your favourite sexually motivated music together in a playlist and with your partner, do what the lyrics say! This can be great for your sex life because it not only brings music into the bedroom but also encourages you to be more adventurous in your love life! Even after the sex is over these songs will always remind you of the great sex you had!

Are you open to playing sex games with your partner? Let us know in the comments below how you keep your sex life healthy and share your sexy secrets!

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