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6 Sex Board Games To Spice Up Your Relationship

6 Sex Board Games To Spice Up Your Relationship

6 Sex Board Games To Spice Up Your Relationship

Sometimes in a relationship, we become tired of the same routine, well if that has happened to you and your lover, don’t worry! We bring you a solution to spice things up and turn a regular Netflix and chill date night into a completely adventurous evening to spend with your soul mate.

Maybe be it sounds a little bit silly to spend an afternoon playing board games, but don’t judge before you try them. These board games will help you laugh, have a good time and maybe even get you to know sides of your partner you didn’t know before.

1. Lust: The Passionate Game For Two

Lust is a game that allows lovers to explore both their romantic and physical side. It begins by placing two markers at the start of the game board and continues walking on the steps that will give you cards from which you or your partner must share romantic or sexual indulgences with each other. The game also includes love-making cards that illustrate a foreplay activity or sexual position, from those you and your partner start building a sexual fantasy. These cards make you have a unique experience each time you play since you have over 30,000 possibilities!6 Sex Board Games To Spice Up Your Relationship

2. Talk, Flirt, Dare

This game is a great one to share with other couples or with your friends because it can be divided into three games and only uses part of the cards while playing it. The talk portion game promotes conversation, with questions and tests, and is great for playing at dinner parties when you don’t know the other people that well.

The flirt portion involves more intimacy and the cards you pick might require you to reveal some of your secrets. The dare component calls for actions! The dares consist of funny, flirty and sometimes kinky cards.6 Sex Board Games To Spice Up Your Relationship

3. Pleasure Island

Pleasure island is a tropical game that will transport you from your living room to a paradisiac beach!

It consists of a board game with a deck of cards in which you roll the dice and take turns moving across it when you land on a Pleasure Chest square you need to pick a card and perform the action on it.6 Sex Board Games To Spice Up Your Relationship

4. Fetish Game

The Fetish game is perfect for those who dream of exploring their wildest fantasies but still feel about shy of sharing them with their partners. To play this board game you should select a path on the game board based on which fetishes you will like to explore, there are four main fetishes in the game: Food, Feet, Voyeurism, and Domination.

Your choice! The game ends when a person reaches Euphoria first and wins their sexual fantasy.6 Sex Board Games To Spice Up Your Relationship

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5. Seven Deadly Sins

The game to test your knowledge on the naughtiness and outrageous sins of the world. Be prepared to confront a trivia divided into the seven sins categories: vanity, greed, envy, anger, sloth, lust and gluttony.

Move around the game board by answering each trivia card correctly, the first team to act out all seven deadly sins wins. This is a game safe for playing at wild parties or friend’s gatherings.6 Sex Board Games To Spice Up Your Relationship

6. Poker For Lovers

We should never forget the classics! Especially if you are a fan of poker this is the game you should get for you and your partner. With a bit of a twist on the classic game of poker, poker for lovers brings explicitly erotic his and her chips that spell out what you win in a series of sexual dares.

The best part is that you will never actually lose, you always end up getting something even if its not the recognition of winning the game.6 Sex Board Games To Spice Up Your Relationship

Ready to spice up your date nights? Let us know if you check out any of this board games!

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