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How To Seriously Step Up Your College Style Game

How To Seriously Step Up Your College Style Game

Do you ever open your closet which, might I add, is full of clothes and routinely stand there in a stupor thinking, “I have NOTHING to wear,” as if it’s a total surprise? Of course you do! You could wear that one tried and true ensemble (for the second time this week), but somehow you end up spending half an hour and then some trying to conjure a new pièce de résistance. At a loss, you settle for something to the effect of a common white girl which totally isn’t “you” and internally justify your choice the rest of the day. You decide it couldn’t hurt to at least confidently sashay your style game around campus — except in spiteful disbelief because guess what? Four other girls are dressed the same way! Ha, figures. But I wore it best, you silently reassure yourself and hesitantly proceed to document your OOTD on Instagram ‘cause…fake it ’til you make it. BYE FELICIA.

Let’s be honest: seeing the same clothes in our wardrobe is low-key annoying. Sure, they’re great pieces individually, but eventually, you ignore their potential. You want to stand out without letting off any obnoxious non-conformist vibes. You think, “Why is it so hard for me to look effortlessly cool one day and try-hard the next? How can I mix it up?” The fact of the matter is you already stand out. You want to top yourself, elevate your street style game, and refine your ever-evolving sense of style — your personal style. Struggling with a seemingly lacking wardrobe and feeling like you’ve let your personal style down only proves you’re creative, original, and have a vision in mind! If you’re anything like me, you’re a bona fide rebel with a cause who thrives on unconventionality, always looking for opportunities to step out on the scene looking and feeling fresher than ever…and you’ll stop at nothing to achieve that. Girl, YOU are the pièce de résistance!

I must admit…I have encountered this illusory fashion dilemma far too many times for my liking, so naturally, I want to help a sister out! The solution to stepping up your college style game doesn’t require a whole new wardrobe; just a little thinking outside the box. Keep scrolling, take notes, and consider this quest conquered!


1. Embrace the jumpsuit.

WHY: I cannot express my love for jumpsuits enough! They’re universally flattering, versatile, super comfortable, easy to accessorize, and read as “edgy, cool, and feminine.” Contrary to popular belief, they also come in many different styles (romper, wide-legged, halter, cut-out, scoop back…you get the gist)! and

2. Go monochrome + play with different textures.

WHY: Monochrome outfits — in most colors — are ultra sophisticated on their own, but when you incorporate a couple of pieces with eye-catching textures (eyelet, perforation, leather, denim) your outfit instantly goes from an 8 to a 10! You also don’t have to worry about colors clashing and you can use all the accessories…Genius!


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3. Stand out confidently in culottes.

WHY: They may seem impractical, but I’d like to argue that they totally aren’t — they’re boldly chic! Like, French girl chic. They are a little on the masculine side, but you can make them look ultra lady-like with a crop top, red lipstick, and pointed toe flats or lace up sandals. For more casual wear, consider wrapping a jean jacket around your waist or throw it over your shoulders, add white sneakers or silver Birkenstocks, leather bracelets & watches, and mirrored aviators. (Come fall/winter, switch to a turtleneck and suede over-the-knee boots). Talk about an instant style game upgrade.


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4. Face the music in flatforms.

WHY: Hear me out before you render them outlandish! They don’t have to be sky high (leave that to Marc Jacobs Fall 2016 runway collection), but just tall enough to look editorial-It Girl-worthy. For me, they make me feel like I command the room, the town…wherever I am! With that being said, OWN IT GIRL (Yaaass). and

5. Turn heads with tassels.

WHY: Quirky, colorful accents like tassels make an outfit even more festive and unique without it looking like a costume. Whether it be on bucket bags, jewelry, scarves, or shoes, tassels are a sassy, darling — and adventurous — addition to all outfits! No joke, I’m obsessed.

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