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Septum Piercing Looks That Are Actually Amazing

Septum piercings are actually beautiful. Within recent years the once unconventional piercing has taken the piercing industry by storm- with more and more people wearing jewelry between their nostrils! People are coming up with very creative, fun ways of wearing their jewelry. These Septum Piercings actually look amazing! 

The septum piercing has been seen worn in high fashion magazines, embraced by celebrities and the masses alike. Facial piercings are no longer just small nose studs and diamond-studded lip piercings. People are wearing the septum piercing in many different styles, embracing their individuality, and showing it to the world through their facial piercings.

Remember that when you take the plunge to pierce the septum of your nose, the size of your jewelry matters. The perfect jewelry will fit the size and shape of your face. Ask your piercer for their recommendations, test out a piece of jewelry and if you still want it, make that jump!


Basic Bull

The basic bull hoop is the classic septum piercing jewelry. This makes it the most recognized style of wearing this piercing and is also the most popular. The basic bull is a half hoop, with standard jewelry balls on each end. The Bull hoop is the jewelry that most piercers will put in once pierced, luckily this jewelry is adored by piercing enthusiasts everywhere. It is classic, it is bold, it is the most popular for a reason. 

Paired with a Nose Hoop

This style is definitely unique. When pairing a septum piercing with a nostril hoop, the piercing will appear bold and dramatic. This style can be worn with smaller hoops for a less dramatic look or bold, statement pieces of jewelry for a very dramatic look. When pairing these two, using two round pieces of jewelry are recommended so they will not intertwine or be in each other’s way. 


Paired With A Nose Stud

This look is the more tamed down version of the previous look. Pairing a septum piercing with a small nose stud lets the septum stand out as the main piece of jewelry, with a smaller piece of jewelry to draw attention to the side of the nose as well. A nose stud allows for you to wear a bolder piece of jewelry on your septum while creating a dramatic look that will highlight a bold personality. 


Simple and Rounded

This look was worn by Jessica Biel at the Met Gala, making a dainty and feminine appearance while still showcasing her rock and roll side. This look of Septum piercing makes the piercing look less dramatic, giving it a more modern, gentle feel to the piercing. This look is simple, elegant, and chic. This style will fit any face shape and most nose shapes, allowing for it to be very versatile and stylish. 

Paired With A Medusa Piercing

This piercing placement really packs a punch, drawing all the attention to your nose and top lip helping to accentuate these features with a daring and unique look. When pairing two piercings together it should be said that one piece of jewelry should be smaller than the other so the face doesn’t appear overly crowded. 


Fitting Close To The Nose

A septum piercing that fits close to the natural shape of the nose will help to accentuate the natural curves of the nose, almost adding a highlighted outline around this part of the nose. This look is usually small, fits tighter to the face, and is simple. This look suits any face shape and really looks great!


Small With Tiny Diamonds

This look is simple, elegant and so chic. It is styled close to the nose with tiny diamonds encrusted on the outside, adding some sparkle to every look. This look emulates femininity through the septum piercing and creates a bold statement without being too loud or too dramatic. 

Larger Jewelry with Beautiful Gems

For the more daring, exaggerated septum wearer there is larger jewelry encrusted with detailed diamonds and intricate shapes. This style is usually bold, big jewelry that covers much of the skin above the upper lip and has beautiful, electric details to really make a statement!  

See Also

Detailed Textures

Septum piercings with intricate designs are becoming more and more popular. A septum piercing with textures helps to create tiny details on the metal, drawing interest to the piercing. This look is a fun way to spice up your septum piercing without going too over the top with details. 



While the septum piercing is one of the more unconventional facial piercings, taking it up a notch with a more unconventional geometric shape will really cause you to stand out and make a statement. A triangular-shaped piece of jewelry will help to draw attention to the piercing while provoking interest and curiosity. 


Double Septum Piercing

A Double Septum piercing is exactly what it sounds, double the piercings. Wearing this look with two rounded or naturally shaped hoops will add depth and interest to the piercing and creates a unique look that is rarely worn. The Double Septum piercing is an incredible piercing, it is beautiful and bold while still appearing delicate and not so in your face. 

Crown Shaped

This style takes inspiration from the facial jewelry worn in India, mimicking the geometric shape that is worn in Indian jewelry. Probably one of the most unique styles, this septum piercing is bold, beautiful, and unique, allowing for the wearer to really express themselves through their jewelry designs. 


Within recent years the Septum piercing has become less unconventional and more mainstream. The look has been seen on the runways, in fashion magazines, on the streets of Hollywood, in businesses and artist studios- this piercing is going nowhere any time soon. The Septum is a very delicate area, before you have a piercer (a professional, Please!) pierce your septum do your research, research care, and health instructions and tips, and research your piercer. The septum is a bold piercing for anyone but when worn with class can look absolutely exceptional.

Chloe Duncan

Originally from Denver Colorado, Chloe is 27 and now living in Asheville, North Carolina with her Son. Chloe loves everything Fashion, Style, and Design. Everything from clothing to home decor!

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