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10 Sephora Skin Care Brands That Work Wonders

You always hear how important implementing a skin care routine is, yet many of us choose not too. Sure, washing your face with a nice acne cleanser helps but there are sooo many products out there to help with every problem your skin faces. Believe it or not, there’s a way to alleviate the dark circles under your eyes and fade the sun spots on your face so that your skin is not only clear, but completely one tone. So, if you’re interested in getting a start on your skin care routine – here’s a list of skin care brands from Sephora that will do the trick.


1) Peter Thompson

In 1993, Peter Thompson Roth launched his skin care line. Roth came from a background of educated skin enthusiasts as his family operated a few spa resorts in Hungary. Roth, using knowledge from his family’s business, found that his passion was to clear his acne prone skin and decided to launch his own skin care line! The line has grown into a world-wide brand that focuses on anti aging, sun damage, and acne relief!

2) Josie Maran

Josie Maran is a former model and actress who’s been involved in the beauty industry since the late 90’s. Working with makeup artists throughout her modeling and acting career, she found that many of the products being used were bad for your skin. Eventually, Maran decided to launch her own cosmetic line focused on healthy beauty and particularly, argan oil. Definitely one of the greatest natural skin care brands at Sephora!

3) Dr. Jart

Originating in Korea, Dr. Jart was started by a young Korean dermatologist who was interested in developing his own skin care products to offer his patients for their skin care problems. With great reviews, Dr. Sunjae Jung was able to gain funding to launch a skin care line marketed exclusively to dermatologists and sold in clinics. By 2004, Dr. Jart was marketed on an international scale and by 2006, the company was certified to be sold in the U.S! 

4) Philosophy

Inspired by the landscapes of Arizona, the skin care brand Philosophy was born. This brands mission is to find the best hidden secrets of nature and implement it into your everyday routine. The beauty brand claims that beauty is more than skin deep, and that their products won’t only help you look good, but they will help you to feel good too!

5) Ole Henriksen

The beauty brand although launched in 1975, has deep roots. Henriksen was a native of Nibe and lived within the Danish countryside. He fell in love with the way of the land, and remembers winters where his mother would protect his skin with moisturizer. At the age of 19, Henriksen moved on to Indonesia and discovered cystic acne where the natives treated his skin using natural ingredients – this is where Henriksen’s passion for skin care began. After finding a love for skin, Henriksen attended the Christine Shaw College of beauty in London and opened a spa in West Hollywood. Eight years later, his skin care line began and is one of the best skin care brands offered at Sephora!

6) Bosica

Launching in 2002, the Japanese based skin care brand made its way to sunny California with a mission for preservative free, clean products. Every Bosica product contains jojoba leaf and willowherb to protect from UV rays, pollution, and redness. The products are clean, natural, and straight forward so you always know what you’re getting!

7) Fresh

Originating in Boston, Massachusetts and eventually moving to the big apple, Fresh got its start as a scented soap that evolved into a full skin care brand! With a mission to be natural, Fresh travels the world in search of natural ingredients to implement into their products.

8) Drunk Elephant

Tiffany Masterson, the founder of Drunk Elephant, had all types of problems with her skin. Fighting oily, sensitive, rosacea irritated skin, she quickly educated herself by identifying ingredients in cosmetics and skin brands that were the route of her issues. The process of learning about dermatology inspired her to create her own skin treatments, and eventually launch drunk elephant!

9) Babe

Originating in Australia, Babe’s founders had a passion for untainted skin care and decided to create a brand with natural and organic ingredients. Cruelty free, and mainly vegan free, this skin care brand will give you the healthy looking skin you deserve!

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10) KORA Organics

Beginning in 2009, KORA Organics got its start out of Australia by the international super model, Miranda Kerr. Before beginning her modeling career, Kerr studied nutrition and health psychology at the Academy Of Natural Living where she learned all about the importance of health, and found a passion for skin health. Kerr’s goal is to give people an alternative to their current beauty routine with all organic ingredients that actually work. Today, KORA is in over 200 retailers within Australia and is also one of the top skin care brands for stores like Sephora.

What are some of your favorite Sephora skin care brands? Leave us a comment in the section below!

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