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Sephora Makeup Essentials

Sephora Makeup Essentials

Sephora Makeup Essentials

By now majority of women might have their makeup regimen down packed. Some are still keeping their eyes pealed for a better product and some just don’t know where to start…. Here are some products that I truly live by. Some products may put a dent in your wallet, but last a really long time, so they tend to make up for it, in the long run. I’ll walk with you step by step.


After washing your face with your cleanser (I use anything oil free), you want to dab your face with a soft cloth. My go-to face cream is the Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief by Clinque. I usually get the 2.5 oz bottle because I find that it lasts much longer. All you really need a pinch to cover your entire face. You can afford to be very frugal with this cream because it spreads a great deal. I also just use Vasaline for my lips. You can purchase a tube for $2-$4 at a pharmacy.


The next step is to apply a primer, It’s great for shine-control on oily skin. Apply this to your t-zone and whatever areas on your face that produce excess oil. Apply with a sponge for the best results.


After your primer, I find that the best foundations are mineral based. The best one I’ve tried so far has been from Bare EscentualsbareMinerals SPF 15 Matte Foundation. A lot goes a long way with this product, and it can last you MONTHS!!!


The next step is your concealer. I use either Full Cover Concealer by Make Up Forever OR, YSL‘s Radiant Touch. Both provide flawless coverage. These products should be applied under the eye and around the nose and lips.


The last step is mascara. I am obsessing over Dior‘s mascara called Diorshow. Don’t be afraid to apply this generously. The mascara is simply amazing and meets expectations. You can also experiment with colors such as their royal blue.


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While all these products tend to be expensive, keep in mind that these products last for MONTHS. These products can be well worth the investment and are definitely better for your skin.


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