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10 Senior Year Quotes The Make Your Yearbook Photo Stand Out

10 Senior Year Quotes The Make Your Yearbook Photo Stand Out

Senior year quotes can be the defining moment of your high school career. It will be in your yearbook for the rest of your life. You show your senior year quotes to your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. You want it to be something iconic! Here are ten senior year quotes that you can use to make your yearbook picture stand out!

1. “I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work of the stars.” – Walt Whitman

You can never go wrong with a beautiful quote. Find a quote from someone you admire or something that stands out and inspires you and use that for your senior year quotes! This way, you will empower yourself, and those that read it!


2. Emojis!

Emojis are worth a thousand words – and they are used in place of them all the time! So why not use them for your senior year quotes? I think with an emoji you can do a lot to express yourself, so get creative and use your emojis!

3. “Maybe she’s born with it, maybe its caffeine”

This one is for the coffee lovers out there! Spice up your senior year quotes with some relatable humor. Almost everyone drinks coffee for that morning pick me up, so use it to your advantage! Let the world know you’re a caffeine addict and let them know with pride!

4. “Life is short…”

This is a great senior year quote to personalize! You can add anything after “life is short” to make it more you! For example “life is short, eat the cake!” A friend of mine drinks soda every morning, so she would use “life is short, drink the soda.” You can make it completely your own!


5. “Remember why you started”

Everyone loses sight of their goal at some point. It is easy to doubt yourself if something goes wrong or if someone is discouraging, but you have to remember why you started. This is a great idea to use for your quotes, as it allows you to reflect on yourself and allows your peers to see that and reflect on themselves. Never let anyone or anything discourage you from reaching your goals!

6. “You have to be odd to be number 1”

This is a little bit of a pun, but it is still super inspirational! Be yourself, and show everyone that you are one of a kind, and maybe that makes you a little bit odd in their eyes! Who cares? Be true to yourself and show that in your senior year quotes!


7. “Just wing it. Not life, but your eyeliner”

Ahhhh makeup puns! This one is perfect for the makeup gurus out there! Be a little inspirational, but stay to your roots! This senior year quote is funny and relatable!

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8. “When nothing goes right, go left”

This is super motivational. You should never give up on your dreams, so when something isn’t going the way you planned, find another way. Show your peers that you have strong perseverance and nothing will stop you from reaching your goals!

9. “Hannah Montana said nobody’s perfect, yet here I am”

“Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days” but you don’t show it! You rock your day, no matter what is going on, and you KILL it! Show people how much of a rockstar you are in your senior year quotes!

10. Tribute to your Creator

Be proud of your religion! Let people know what you believe in and make it known in your senior year quotes!


Make your senior year quotes something that you are proud of and believe in! Let me know what you chose as your senior year quotes in the comments down below!

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