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Top 6 Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Brands

Top 6 Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Brands

If you are anything like me, changing your physical appearance every couple of months is part of your character and charm! Rocking purple hair for two weeks and the next thing your friends know, you have white and black raccoon stripes, is funky and unique– but also quite damaging. 

Semi-permanent hair dye is the way to go! You end up saving money (as your hair stylist isn’t on speed dial), and almost always you don’t have to resort to damaging techniques like using lightener or even bleach! Keep reading to find the top 6 semi-permanent hair dye brands for long-lasting, funky looks!

1. Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair dye has to be ranked #1. This conditioning and vibrant brand is not damaging, lasts long, and is practically stain-free! I’ve been an avid lover of Arctic Fox and a loyal client of semi-permanent hair dye since my teenage years, and this brand has proved to be the most beginner and user-friendly!


Arctic Fox semi-permanent hair dye includes over 20 colors and is cruelty-free! It lasts at least 4 weeks (depending on the frequency of washing your hair). You can purchase either a 4oz or an 8oz bottle (depending on the thickness of the hair), and apply it directly to dry hair, let it sit for the allotted time, and rinse it with cold water for the perfect color deposit!

You have to give Arctic Fox a try! Personally, the green colors are my favorite! You can even mix and combine for the perfect turquoise shade (if they don’t have the shade you prefer, pre-mixed).


2. Manic Panic

Manic Panic is my go-to and #2 favorite semi-permanent hair dye brand. Being full of conditioning serum mixed with vibrant and opaque color, this dye is moisturizing for your hair and deposits color mess-free for a unique and NOT-damaging look! 

Manic Panic has to be ranked #2 (yes, even over Pulp Riot), because their products show up on a range of hair colors! It is so difficult being a soft brunette and wanting to go pink or green… most semi-permanent hair dye brands don’t show up! 

With Manic Panic, you’re guaranteed a deposit of color even being a brunette! From personal experience any shade of red, or purple shows up the most on darker hair; green and blue are close seconds! 


3. Pulp Riot

Pulp Riot hits #3 on my favorite semi-permanent hair dye brands list because the color fades true to tone! So far, we have talked about longevity with Arctic Fox, and vibrant colors even on dark hair with Manic Panic, but Pulp Riot’s orange color is going to leave a nice light orange on blonde hair! 

The “fading true to tone” phenomenon is a great aspect of this demi hair dye because oftentimes we purchase boxed hair color, and our red color fades out into a horrendous yellow or orange! With Pulp Riot the following weeks after your few washes are not as horrible as they would be with other hair dyes… your red will just be a faded red after your washes (as opposed to a yellow).


From the fade-out, you can choose to dye over it with a differing color (check in with the color wheel to avoid making green with blue and yellow hair dye), or you can redye it the same shade of red (or other) that you had before!

Definitely check out Pulp Riot if you have not before! 


4. Iroiro Premium Natural Semi-Permanent Hair Color

Iroiro ranks #4 on my favorite semi-permanent hair dye list! This is a newer brand and features a wide range of colors! Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, made in the USA, and also made with coconut oil!

This hair dye is great for beginners, but I am always weary when purchasing this brand as it definitely is not known for showing up on lighter shades of hair and fades rather quickly! It is always a great option if you wanted to keep a hair color for just a week!

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5. Ion Color Brilliance Semi-Permanent Brights Hair Color

Ion is a great hair dye brand and can be found at your local beauty supply (Sally’s is my go-to)! With a multitude of options and being a brand, most professionals reach for in your neighborhood hair salon, this is a great option for beginners! The only complaint that I have is the color in the tube is typically white, which can be scary for first-time users! 

I previously stated that my hair was a soft brown color, and having used Ion’s demi dyes in the past, I have had trouble getting the shades to fully deposit on my hair! If you are a blonde, Ion is a great go-to to try out, and they always have a full shade selection in stock!


6. Wella Color Charm Demi-Permanent Hair Color 

The last semi-permanent hair dye that I want to recommend is from the brand Wella! If you are thinking about dyeing your hair, you are most likely familiar with Wella as they have the BEST toner (in my opinion) of all time! Their demi-permanent dyes are also on that great scale!

Wella is an ammonia-free dye which is amazing because Ammonia is the chemical from box dyes that is the hardest to get out of your hair! Their products are also great for covering gray hair and roots, and also can add deep lowlights to your hair as well as tone your existing highlights.


This brand also can last up to 24 washes (which can be up to 6 months if you only wash your hair once a week)! Their products also cover great over your natural hair color. Definitely give them a try!

If you are wanting to dye your hair using a semi-permanent color, these are my top 6 favorite brands that are beginner friendly! I would recommend giving the one most suited to your needs a try, and then going from there! Semi-permanent hair dye is the best route to go if you want to keep the integrity of your hair. Give these great brands a try and let us know which brand is your favorite! 

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